Teach Yourself How to Manipulate People
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Teach Yourself How to Manipulate People


Making somebody do what you want is a thing a lot of people want. Some people have the natural gift to do it, while others simply cannot. The good thing about human beings is that they can teach themselves how to do things.

If you cannot swim, you can teach yourself how to do it, if you cannot drive a car, you can teach yourself how to do it, and if you cannot manipulate people, you can teach yourself how to do it.

The only thing that it is essential to do is to follow the tips and to practice as much as possible because we all know that the more a person practices, the better he becomes at a given thing.

#1 Fear and relief

The first technique is probably the most popular one when it comes to manipulation. You need to start making someone nervous and anxious about something. You can start make them think about a thing they are generally scared about and then to calm them down.

Here is an example, if a person has lent some money to a friend and they are not sure whether this person will give back the money, you can interfere saying that you do not belief they will give the money back.

Start giving examples about this person’s careless spending and the way you have heard that they still owe some money to a friend of yours. And when you notice that the person you are trying to manipulate has become even more worried, then simply calm them down by saying that you still belief this person will return the money.

The thing that makes this situation work is the fact that there is a switch in their mood. This way you will leave this person disarmed and you have basically manipulated them to feel this way. It is important to act at the right time and to touch upon a sensitive subject and you will do your job perfectly.

#2 Make them feel guilty

There is not a stronger weapon than guilt when it comes to manipulating people. First of all, your victim should be prone to feeling guilty or they could have done something that disappointed you in the past. For example, if you victim is your parent, you can remind them of something that happened in your childhood that made you feel sad or neglected. Do not state it openly, but just mention it when the right time comes. Be careful your parent not to notice what you are trying to do.

If you want to manipulate some friend of yours, then you need to remind them of a time in the past when you helped them and this made you suffer. This way you will make this person feel guilty, which will then make them want to compensate you for your action. This way you will simply manipulate them to do what you want them to do for you.

#3 Play a victim

Another way you can manipulate people is to play the victim. Here is some simple example that will show you how to use this technique to manipulate people. If some friends of yours want to go out to a certain place you do not like, then you may mention that you are used to going out to places you do not like, but do not look angry, just sad and disappointed. This may make them change their mind.

Or if you want some colleague to help you with a task you have to finish, you may share with them that you do not know what you are doing wrong, or that you are good-for-nothing and you do not deserve to work there. This technique is a bit tricky but when you master it, it will work like a charm every time.

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