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Colorful Outfit Ideas to Try This Summer

  Summer is one of the seasons when people are more willing to wear colorful clothes. This is mainly because of the warm weather and the mood one is in at that time of the year. It is no secret that the more sunshine there is, the happier people feel. There is a scientific explanation about this, of course. And ... Read More »

2017 Bold Beauty Summer Trends

  Every year and every season there are new trends both fashion and beauty ones. Some of them are praised and stay under the spotlights longer, while others are somewhat too shocking and unusual that people talk about them for a month or so and then they are well forgotten. This season is no exception to this rule and there ... Read More »

DIY Cropped Top for The Summer

Summer is the time when we can experience the most with our style. This is because of the nice warm weather which allows us to try new things and get a little wild with them. And since we should protect the environment, then why do not we combine these two things and make a new one – a cropped top ... Read More »

Summer Pattern For Your Nails

  This nail art requires calm hands and precise skills, because you will have to draw straight lines. Take a look at the tutorial and if you like the final result, you can try to create the same design. Just follow the steps: Every fancy nail art (in fact, every nail art) requires a good nail shape and nail bed ... Read More »