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Silver Look for Cold Eyes

If you have cold-colored eyes, such as gray or blue, then you should try this makeup designs. It is very elegant and flattering. Take a look at the steps down below and follow them one by one if you think that this design will look good on your eyes. I’m sure that you can handle this makeup all by yourself. ... Read More »

Smoky Look for Intense Look

You can look sexy and mysterious without the need of a huge amount of makeup. Sometimes the simple designs are much better than the complex and difficult to makeup styles. For instance, the classic smoky makeup can be a perfect design for sassy look of your eyes. Let me show you a version of smoky design, which is not as ... Read More »

Gray Smoky Makeup

Every girl must learn how to apply two basic lid makeup designs – the smoky makeup and the cat-eye liner. Every other makeup design is a derivative of these two main makeup designs. Today we will put the light on the smoky makeup. I will show you a tutorial for a universal design, but it is made with lighter colors ... Read More »

Gray Smoky Design for Brown Eyes

We all know that the brown eyes are very common eyes and that’s why almost every makeup design looks great on them, simply because we’ve got used to see brown eyes, covered in certain colors. But sometimes the brown eyes tend to look really small, which means that the darker colors of the makeup design can lead to even smaller-looking ... Read More »

Classic Makeup With Trendy Details

The most classic lid makeup is the black and white smoky makeup. Today I want to show you a tutorial that is inspired by this classical design, but it contains trendy and modern details in it, for instance, the dove winged eyeliner, or the middle light lid. Take a look at the steps and you will see how easy it ... Read More »

The Girls Night Out Makeup Design

If you want to conquer some male hearts tonight, then you have to pay extra attention to your look. You have to make an extremely good makeup, you have to choose the right dress and you have to make a matching hairstyle. Let’s start with the makeup: First of all, you have to choose matching techniques of the face coverage, ... Read More »

Smoky Sassy Look

You can look sexy even if your whole body is covered in clothes. To look sexy means to have the right attitude and to speak the body language perfectly. Usually, the eyes are the best tool to express your desires and to show affection to someone. You can flirt only by giving the right look to your prey. That’s why ... Read More »

Winter Night Party Makeup

Which is the most beautiful color of eye makeup for a winter party? For me, it’s the purple color. I love the way it opens up my eyes, which is great, because my eyes are naturally small and their shape isn’t the most pleasant one for makeup application, because my lids are a little bit hooded, but the following makeup ... Read More »

Casual Look With Brown Smoky Eye

Every girl likes the smoky effect, but not every smoky effect is good for every type of eyes. I want to show you a simple design for brown eyes. Take a look at the steps and you will see how it’s done: As any other type of whole-lid makeup, this one requires the application of a primer as well. So, ... Read More »

How to Fake Bigger Eyes

If you are unlucky enough to have small eyes, then you must learn how to make them look big with the right design of makeup, otherwise you won’t be able to to wear makeup at all, because it will shrink your eyes even worse. So, if you want to achieve good looking makeup design, you have to follow the steps ... Read More »