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Bizarre Tool for Heatless Curls

As the spring is (finally) here we can throw away all the winter hats and enjoy beautiful hairstyles that won’t be ruined because of these hats and scarfs that bring up the hair frizz and the electrified hair. Now we can enjoy all kinds of the hairstyles and hair textures that you your hair will become dizzy because of this ... Read More »

How to Create Heatless Waves

The way you curl your hair is very crucial for its healthy condition. I bet that you are well aware of the fact that the heating tools can damage the hair really badly. In order to keep the hair shiny and to save it healthy and strong, you must learn how to create your favorite hair textures without the help ... Read More »

Heatless Halo Curls

Curls are beautiful. And girl with straight hair especially love them. We always try to achieve them. And usually we do that with heat styling tools. This can damage the hair and also not every time we can achieve the perfect curl. For this you will need an old T-shirt you don’t need anymore, an elastic and quite a few ... Read More »