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Learn How to Create a Perfect Smoky Eye in 7 steps

    What’s the one makeup look that is fail-proof, doesn’t take a lot of time, and is effortlessly sexy to complement almost any look? A smoky eye for sure! So, this tutorial will show you a basic technique on how to create a perfect smoky eye effect in 7 simple steps. Step 1: Before you begin, apply makeup primer ... Read More »

Makeup Tutorial for Bright Eyes

It could happen to anybody to wake up with tired eyes. When you are not taking enough rest, then your eyes will reveal your secret immediately. You have two options – wear sunglasses all day long, even indoors, or use the following makeup trick to brighten up your tired and small eyes. This trick will brighten up the eyes, just ... Read More »

Silver Look for Cold Eyes

If you have cold-colored eyes, such as gray or blue, then you should try this makeup designs. It is very elegant and flattering. Take a look at the steps down below and follow them one by one if you think that this design will look good on your eyes. I’m sure that you can handle this makeup all by yourself. ... Read More »

Metallic Design for Your Lids

Not every makeup design can flatter every eye shape. Some eyes can handle darker and bolder designs, but some other can’t.  Usually, the small sized eyes shouldn’t be decorated with bold and dark makeup designs, especially when the bottom waterline is covered in black color. If you ask why such designs are not recommended for small eyes, then I will ... Read More »

A Guide for Beginners: Where to Put Your Makeup

A beginner or not, almost every girl who likes to apply makeup on her face makes one or two mistakes that ruin the whole look of the makeup design. In order to eliminate the mistakes, you must learn how and where to apply the different colors, products and shapes of makeup. I will show you one very simple guide that ... Read More »

How to Flatter Brown Eyes with Makeup

The brown colored eyes are very common, which means that there are more designs for brown eyes than designs for light-colored eyes. I have brown eyes too and I love finding new and interesting colors for my daily makeup. Let me show you such a design. It is very simple to create by yourself, but that doesn’t make the design ... Read More »

Natural Looking Makeup

The makeup decorations sometimes tend to create a natural look. And you must learn how to create a makeup design that will make you look natural. These natural-looking designs are the best, because they will brighten up your look without making your face look fake. I want to show you a makeup design that will makeup your eyes look big, ... Read More »

Bring Attention to The Eyes

The eye makeup is extremely important part of the whole appearance of a woman (or sometimes of a man too, I’m not judging), especially if your eyes are light colored. Today I want you to experiment with light colored eyeshadows and colored (not black) eye pencil. Let me show you my idea and you will decide if you want to ... Read More »

Look Like a Khaleesi

I’m sure that you know who is Khaleesi. If you hadn’t watched the HBO TV show Game of Thrones, at least you heard about it or read some articles. Or maybe you even have read the books. The point is that you know that Khaleesi is a word for a Queen in the dothraki language, which is a constructed fictional ... Read More »