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Basic Makeup Knowledge Every Girl Must Have

The very basic makeup rules every beginner should know are three: Learn how to contour and highlighting your face; Learn how to shape your brows; Learn how to put faux lashes. All these very basic skills will help you in the future, when you will feel the desire to apply something more complicated with your look, something different than a ... Read More »

Makeup Tricks for Gorgeous Looks

Every makeup design can look even better if you boost it up with a few tricks, that will help you get the maximum out of the makeup design. Take a look at the ideas down below and you will see that the things are simple, but effective. Here we go: Trick #1 Let’s talk about eyes first. If you want ... Read More »

The Best Makeup Hacks for Perfect Look

Everybody has probably seen girls on the street with flawless makeup, and others with one that is far from perfect. Sometimes the makeup mistakes are not because of the makeup techniques that were not quite right, but because of the weather conditions – the bright sun or the rain can definitely ruin your makeup. And that is why all the ... Read More »

Tricks For Fresh Look After a Long Flight

There are periods of the year when you happen to travel a lot. And sometimes you have to fly for many hours, but these long flights can ruin your best appearance. Your job is to know how to refresh your look after a long flight. Down below you will find several tips that will help you achieve a great looking skin ... Read More »