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5 Great Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

  Brown eyes are the most common eye color type, with all brown hues. Other eye colors, like blue and green, are less common and more specific. In a way this helped them turn them into some main point in the makeup industry. Since brown eyes are so common and easy to match with other colors, people do not seem ... Read More »

Silver Look for Cold Eyes

If you have cold-colored eyes, such as gray or blue, then you should try this makeup designs. It is very elegant and flattering. Take a look at the steps down below and follow them one by one if you think that this design will look good on your eyes. I’m sure that you can handle this makeup all by yourself. ... Read More »

Feminine Look for Your Gorgeous Eyes

There are many different eyeliner designs for every type of occasion. The important thing is to manage to apply the right design for the right occasion. Admit, that it is not the most stylish thing to go to work with glitter, heavy makeup. Such a makeup design is perfect for the club, not for the office. And since we started ... Read More »

The Perfect Eyeliner Tutorial

  The eyeliner makeup design is a simple makeup design, but it is a classic one. And as long as it is a classic design, then you must know that it is the best makeup look. You can use the cat-eye liner design for both elegant look and not-so-elegant look. The occasion is not important now. The important thing is ... Read More »

No-Makeup Makeup Design

If you want to enhance your eyes without looking too covered in makeup, you should try some of the no-makeup makeup designs. This one is a little bit bolder than usual, but the eyes of the model allow it. Take a look at the steps and follow them one by one if you think that this design can match your ... Read More »

Evening Makeup for Brave Girls

Well, there are much kinkier makeup designs which require bravery, but this one is just strange, not kinky. I find it strange, but yet, I love the way it looks when applied on the lids, especially when the eyes are brown. So, let’s follow the steps one by one and you will see how interesting this makeup could get. Here ... Read More »

Blue Trick to Boost up Your Makeup

Every makeup can become boring if you apply it every day. The daily makeup designs become boring, because you get used to them easily and if you don’t apply something in addition to boost it up, you will keep feel bored with your makeup. Today we will talk about the small details that can make your regular makeup interesting and ... Read More »

Eye Design to Match Your Dark Lipstick

We can see the best trends on Instagram and Pinterest. And you can say that the most famous color is the purple one. Especially when applied on the lips. I want to show you how to match the purple lipstick with the eye makeup. Take a look at the steps and gather two very important colors – purple and dark ... Read More »

How to Flatter Brown Eyes with Makeup

The brown colored eyes are very common, which means that there are more designs for brown eyes than designs for light-colored eyes. I have brown eyes too and I love finding new and interesting colors for my daily makeup. Let me show you such a design. It is very simple to create by yourself, but that doesn’t make the design ... Read More »

Fancy Makeup Design with Girly Color

The pink color is one of the girliest colors of all times. But it is not used in many makeup designs, because … actually, I don’t know why. Maybe because the pink color makes the eyes look tired, but if you apply it properly and if you match it with the right colors, you will see that it will look ... Read More »