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How to Get Longer Lashes

  Long lashes are the envy of many people, but not everyone is blessed with them. Luckily, there are lots of ways of making your lashes look longer. Keep on reading and discover of the most effective, mind-blowing trick to achieve the desired look for extra long, flawless eyelashes! This is a trick you can use on a daily basis ... Read More »

Elegant Eye Makeup Using False Eyelashes

    Elegant eyes don’t have to be boring! This amazing tutorial will show you how to properly use all neutral shades that deliver a dramatic flair that is just spectacular. You will need a couple of things before you get started, so make sure they are around you: makeup primer, dark and light brown eyeshadow, black eye pencil, several ... Read More »

Eye Pencil Trick for Thicker Eyelashes

Many girls search for ways to make their faces look better and bigger (I’m talking about the lashes, the lips, the eyes and the brows). Often, the ways to achieve such desires, require makeup and different makeup tricks. You can find here a trick that will make your eyelashes look thicker. The curious thing about that trick is that it ... Read More »