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Three Steps for Perfect Eyebrows

Every makeup design requires three main details – the brows, the eyes and the lips. Today we will pay attention to the eyebrows. They are crucial part of the makeup and you must prepare them in order to create a complete makeup design of your face. I will show you which are the three perfect tools for shaping the eyebrows ... Read More »

Eyebrow Tutorial for Fancy Look

Every girl who likes to apply makeup on her face, knows that the application of the facial makeup is not the easiest job known from the all mankind. If you want to apply fancy lid design, you must consider a few other factors that will contribute to better looking result at the end. You will have to pay attention to ... Read More »

Tutorial for Smooth and Natural Eyebrows

If you like applying a lot of makeup on your face, you must learn to do it right. For instance, you can’t make an outstanding eye makeup without enhancing the eyebrows. Let me teach you how to create the perfect eyebrow shape for your face. First, we have to define the right shape of eyebrows for your face. And then, ... Read More »

How to Draw a Whole New Eyebrow

Unfortunately, many girls have too little hairs on their eyebrow. This is not absolutely a bad thing, because it means that their bodies are not too hairy. And if you think about it, it is the better and most preferable option. Imagine that you have thick and bushy eyebrows. Is this something that you prefer? Of course, not! So, let’s ... Read More »

One Tutorial for the Perfect Eyebrow Shape

If you have outstanding eyebrows, you won’t need a glamorous lid design to make your face glow with a fascinating makeup design. In fact, you should try something that is called no-makeup makeup. You will apply makeup on your face, of course, but the trick is to put it in a way that it will be invisible and not noticeable, ... Read More »

Eyebrow Tutorial for Long Eyebrows

If you want to shape beautiful eyebrows, you should learn a few tricks and rules that will help you achieve the best possible shape of your eyebrows. Having such a knowledge is extremely important, because the eyebrows are the frame of the face. Without a proper face, the masterpiece will look simply like an ordinary drawing. Let me show you ... Read More »

Simple Tutorial to Groom Your Eyebrows Properly

We often talk about shaping and coloring eyebrows, but we almost never talk about grooming the eyebrows. The fact the we want to make them thicker and bolder, doesn’t mean that we have to leave some unnecessary hairs to stick out of the main brow shape. Today we will try to learn how to groom and pluck the brows in ... Read More »

How to Fill the Eyebrows the Right Way

You will ask which is the right way? The right way is the one that will make the eyebrow look all natural and soft, which is a desired effect for the casual makeup design of your face. Well, I don’t know which one is your casual look, but you know that there is a trend for every makeup design – ... Read More »

How to Fill Eyebrows to Match Cat-Eye Liner

We often talk about eyebrows and how to fill them in with color, but we never talk about the type of brow and how to match it with the lid makeup design. Some lid designs can’t handle any type of eyebrow shape and filling. You have to match them in order to look good. Today we will discuss the type ... Read More »

Flawless Brows For Fancy Look

You can see in the picture down below that the model has beautiful and well-applied lid makeup – smoky, winged liner, highlighter at the inner corner of the eye and faux, fluffy lashes. This is considered to be a heavy makeup. And if you look closely, you will see that at the first picture the brows are not covered with ... Read More »