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The Easiest Daily Eyebrow Routine

Fuller, groomed brows have become one of the most sought after looks by makeup lovers. A beautiful brow can really help to frame the face. But your eyebrow makeup can either make or break your beauty look, so it’s crucial that you get them totally right! Tweezing, shaping, trimming and grooming your brows can be intimidating — especially for beginners ... Read More »

How to Make Perfect Shaped Eyebrows without Threading

  Creating the perfect shaped eyebrows has never been so foolproof. For this tutorial, you will need a face cream, an old foundation brush, a nicely sharpened brow pencil and tweezers. Step 1: Before you begin, it is important to prepare your face and brows. Always start off with clean skin by removing all traces of old makeup. After, wash ... Read More »

All Natural Look for Your Eyebrows

  When your eyeliner is ‘on fleek‘ then, you must make your eyebrows on fleek too. Let me show you how to do it. Take a look at the steps and follow them one by one if you want to have perfectly natural-looking eyebrows. Here we go: You will need the following tools: flat, angled brush, brow wand or old ... Read More »

Simple Tutorial to Groom Your Eyebrows Properly

We often talk about shaping and coloring eyebrows, but we almost never talk about grooming the eyebrows. The fact the we want to make them thicker and bolder, doesn’t mean that we have to leave some unnecessary hairs to stick out of the main brow shape. Today we will try to learn how to groom and pluck the brows in ... Read More »