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Birthday Manicure Ideas

  There are a lot of holidays every year, but there is one holiday that is a personal one and very special for a person. And this is their birthday. This is the day that people came to the world and that is why birthdays celebrate the fact that one is alive. This holiday gives also a person the opportunity ... Read More »

Kriss-Kross Gradient Nail Art Tutorial

    Exciting news today! We have outlined each step of this amazing kriss-kross gradient nail art tutorial that you will definitely fall in love with! All you need to get started is a sponge, base polish, peach and baby blue nail polish, polish remover, sticky stripes and top coat. Now, let’s get started! Step 1: Apply white nail paint ... Read More »

City Ombre Nail Art Pictorial

  If you are looking for a unique manicure for a night out, consider your search over! This one of a kind pictorial will show you how to create the perfect city ombre nail art in 6 easy steps. Step 1: Before you begin, apply a clear base coat to all of your nails and let it dry for a ... Read More »

DIY Manicure Decoration for Beginners

You can create a manicure decoration at home and this will save you a lot of money and also, you will be able to apply exactly what you want on your nails, you just have to learn how to do it all by yourself. It is not that difficult, but it will take time until you learn how to do ... Read More »