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How to Curl Your Hair with a Wand

  If the almighty hair care gods didn’t grant you naturally curly hair, there is a simple solution to your problem. Creating a hairstyle with waves has never been more foolproof. How exactly can you do that, you ask? Well, follow the steps below and find out! Trust us when we are saying that beautiful, modern curls will be yours ... Read More »

The Messy Bun – Perfect for Girls with Curly Hair

  Despite the fact that many girls dream of beautiful, bouncy curls, those who actually have natural curls claim that no matter how many times they moisturize their hair and detangle it, the ends somehow always get tangled after a few minutes. Even though you may not be the biggest fan of your curls, and occasionally have the urge to ... Read More »

How to Curl Your Own Hair

Sometimes we want to look pretty, but this often requires to spend some money. For instance, the curls usually are easy to create, but not all girls are capable of creating the hairstyle on their own. In order to create a hairstyle on your own, you have to know the proper steps and to have the proper tools and products. ... Read More »

Over-The-Night Curls

We love curls. Long, curly hair is like a dream for me, because I have thin and straight hair, which mean that the curling iron is not an option for me. Every time I use it, I can’t restore it for weeks. That’s why I like to use the over-night technique – it is heatless and the curls last much ... Read More »

Alternative Tool For Your Curls

We all want the one thing that we can’t have. Longer and stronger nails, bigger booty, smaller booty, bigger lips, longer lashes, curly hair, straight hair, and so on, and so on … So, if you are a girl with straight hair, but you want to create a flirty look with curly texture, you should try this technique. You will ... Read More »

Extraordinary Way To Curl Hair

We all know how bad is the heat for the hair. When the hair is treated with heat, it becomes extremely dry and fragile, which affects the strength and the health of the hair and that will lead to ugly hair texture, hair loss and even too excessive produce of oils at the roots. In order to prevent such a ... Read More »

Instant Natural Waves

There is one huge trend going on these days. All styles, designs and decorations must look natural. Today I will show you how to make natural looking curls. Take a look at the steps: The hair must be freshly washed., if it is not, and if the roots are greasy, you should absorb the grease with the help of the ... Read More »

Natural Looking Curls In No Time

It is not uncommon for a woman to take care of the way she looks. There are some women who wake up an hour or two earlier just to have enough time to get their hair done. For example, to make her hair curly, a woman needs about an hour, an hour taken from her morning sleep. But why to ... Read More »

No Heat Wavy Hair

If you want to make heatless tools, you have to prepare that you will have to wait a lot until the waves are created. That’s why I recommend you to plan this type of hairstyle one day earlier, which means that you will have enough time while you sleep to wait until the magic happens – over the night. So, ... Read More »

Easy Trick For Heatless Curls

Which is the worst enemy of the healthy and strong hair? The heat! Heating tools like a flat iron, curling iron and others (for instance hair dryer), can ruin your hair for sure. The heat destroys the top layer of the hair, which leads to damage of the hair follicles, which are responsible for the strong and thick texture of ... Read More »