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The Perfect Cat Eye Look For Blue Eyes

  Let’s face it, not everyone is blessed with a pair of Barbie’s blue eyes. In fact, having blue-coloured eyes is considered a recessive trait. Nowadays between Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube we have access to makeup and beauty tips galore, and it’s getting to the point where we almost have too much information coming at us. You don’t need to ... Read More »

Natural Look with Smudged Eyeliner

Usually, the blue eyes don’t need too much of makeup decoration. They can look absolutely great even when there is only a mascara applied to your lashes. But today we will play a little bit more than a simple application of mascara. I will show you how to create a natural look of your eyes with just a few tricks. ... Read More »

Easy Way To Flatter Blue Eyes

The makeup technique I’m about to show you down below is one of my favorite ways to pamper my light colored blue eyes. I’m sure you know the trick, but I will remind it to you again. Just choose colors that will match your eyes and your outfit. I prefer the warm bronze colors. Take a look at the steps: ... Read More »

Bold Stroke For Bright Eyes

Forget about the black color for a moment. Let’s pay attention to the brown and blue colors, and let’s apply them on bright colored eyes, for instance light blue colored. Make sure you have these tools and colors: Round brush; Primer; Brow kit; Brown soft eye pencil; Dark blue eyeshadow; Smaller round brush; Nude colored eye pencil; Mascara; Black eye ... Read More »