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Pull Through Braid Tutorial

  If you are new to braiding, then pull through the braid will quickly become your new favourite. It looks incredibly complicated but it is not even a braid at all! A new and unique beautiful look – pull through braid which can be easily achieved without the need for mohawk. With the holiday season in full swing, the ever ... Read More »

Half-up Faux Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

  Here is a very common scenario: you have been invited to an upcoming party but somehow you have been reminded an hour or two before the starting hour. This means that you have just a couple of hours to find the perfect outfit and get your makeup, hairstyle and nails done. Not to worry! If you are in such ... Read More »

3 Romantic Hairstyles to Try for Your Next Date

When women get ready for a date, they put special attention to their makeup and not that much to their hairstyle. Or this is at least one of the most common cases. It depends on the type of hair you have and whether you are used to wear your hair in a special way. If you are one of the ... Read More »

Fake Fluffy Braid For Blondes

I am not good at splitting braids. But I am really good at faking them and that’s why I decided to show you the treasure that I found – the fake fluffy braid. You will wonder why the article says that the hairstyle is for blondes, but I will explain it to you, don’t worry. Usually, the lighter colored hairs ... Read More »

Comfy Braided Pony

I want to show you a trick that will make your thin hair look enormously big, thick and voluminous. This hairstyle is also comfortable and practical, which makes it perfect for your daily look. Especially when you have a lot of tasks and your hair keeps getting in front of your eyes, which is absolutely annoying. So, you will need ... Read More »