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5 Beauty Tricks for Desperate Moments

  There are a lot of beauty tricks and beauty hacks women can learn from the internet. They are designed to help them achieve their beauty look flawlessly especially when they are in a hurry and do not have time to buy some new product that has just finished. Today we have prepared some beauty tricks for you which you ... Read More »

How to Avoid Smudged Nails

    No matter how long you wait, your nail polish never seems to be completely dry. It is really annoying to find out that you’ve spent several hours creating the perfect nail art and then suddenly it’s wiped off, chipped or ruined. You don’t need to be a professional manicurist to do a great job painting your nails, but ... Read More »

Life-changing Tips and Tricks Every Girl Should Know

  Managing beauty routine is even more difficult when you have a really busy schedule. There isn’t enough time to squeeze in everything you want to do – makeup, hairstyle, manicure, outfit… If you are in such a hurry, there are some life-changing tricks you can try! Trick 1: How to create the perfect edge and wing for your eye ... Read More »

5 Different Ways to Use Vaseline

  One of the most iconic and secret formulas used for numerous beauty hacks is probably hidden in the back of your medicine cabinet – your Vaseline. It’s a miracle cream which can be used to fix virtually any beauty problem. How? Keep on reading and you will discover 5 different ways to incorporate this versatile item into your favourite ... Read More »

Easy Beauty Hacks That will Make Your Life Easier

Women face different beauty challenges from time to time. Think about all the times when you have had bad hair day with no obvious reason. Or when you sometimes have a great makeup accidentally, but the next time you try to achieve the same thing it just does not work. Well, girls really face challenges when they are trying to ... Read More »

Time Saving Beauty Hacks

We, girls, are lost without our beauty tricks and hacks. It is a well known fact that we always run out of time when we have to get ready to go out. I have a theory. You know that there is a possibility for the existence of parallel universes, this simple fact leads to my personal theory, which is also ... Read More »