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2016’s Bohemian Bridal Trends

  Bohemian style is for those people who are free-spirited and open to nature and people. Bohemian style is about showing your soul, but not only this. It is also very comfortable. So, it is no wonder that more and more women prefer to have some kind of bohemian wedding, instead of the loud and glamorous weddings we are all ... Read More »

How to Choose the Perfect Watch

Watches nowadays are much more than gadgets that tell the time, they are fashion accessories. There are so many kinds of watches that you have the absolute freedom to choose whatever kind of watch you want for yourself. But when it comes to giving a watch as a present then you have to be very careful what to choose. You ... Read More »

5 Things Your Jewelry Says About You

Body Priercings If you just have your two ears pierced once – nothing strange and special at all. But what if you have your lips, eyebrows, nose, earlobes pierced? Here everything is another deal. People usually think, that if you have anything else than your ears pierced you are going through some kind of a rebellious stage. No matter if ... Read More »