Sweet and Sour Dinner Recipes for Special Occasions
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Sweet and Sour Dinner Recipes for Special Occasions


Nowadays there are a lot of products a person can use when they want to cook something special and delicious. There are a lot of places where one can buy exotic ingredients from all over the world, and this way they can cook something really delicious.

Today we have prepared for you somewhat exotic kind of dishes which are typical for the Asian cuisine and especially the Chinese one. We have prepared a couple of sweet and sour dinner recipes to try on your own. Check them out!

#1 Sweet and sour pork


2 pounds of pork shoulder
2 cloves of garlic
1 teaspoon of black pepper
¼ cup of green onions
2 x ¼ cup of soy sauce
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
1 white onion
2 bell peppers (1 green and 1 red)
1 can of pineapple (8 ounces)
¼ cup of vinegar
¼ cup of white sugar
¼ cup of ketchup
2 eggs
1 cup of flour


Step 1
First you need to get the pork shoulder and to cut it into pieces which need to be about a bite big. Then put all the pork pieces in a big bowl and season them with the garlic cloves, which you need to chop very thinly beforehand.

Then chop the green onions and add them into the bowl as well. Season the ingredients in the bowl with a teaspoon of black pepper. And after this you need to season the ingredients with the first ¼ cup of soy sauce. Mix everything well so it is seasoned nicely. When this is ready you need to leave aside the bowl for 2 hours to marinate well.

Step 2
Once this time has passed, you need to cook the pork pieces. Break the two eggs in a bowl and mix them raw. Roll the marinated pork pieces first in the egg bowl and then in the flour bowl. Do the same with all the pork pieces.

Then you need to deep-fry them. Get a pan and heat some cooking oil. Once it has heated well, deep-fry the pork for a couple of minutes, until the pieces turn brownish. Then you can take them out of the pan.

Step 3
Now get a clean pan and heat the tablespoons of vegetable oil in it. Cut the onion into pieces, they may be as big as you want. Then put the onion pieces into the heated pan. Then wash the bell peppers and cut them into pieces which should be about 2 centimeters big. Then add them into the pan.

Mix the ingredients in the pan a little and then add the can of pineapple together with the juice. Mix the ingredients one more time and season them with ¼ cup of vinegar and the other ¼ cup of soy sauce.

Then add the white sugar and the ketchup. Mix all the ingredients well and let them sizzle for a couple of minutes. You can stir them from time to time. Then add the cooked pork pieces into the pan with the rest of the ingredients. Mix them together and continue cooking the mixture for a minute or so. When the time is up you can take the pan off the hotplate.

You can serve the dish while it is still hot and you can garnish it with some fresh green onion.

#2 Sweet and sour chicken

The next recipe is similar to the previous one but this time it is with chicken.


1 pound of chicken breasts
½ cup of cornstarch
2 eggs
1 tablespoon of oil
2 garlic cloves
1 bell pepper, green
¾ cup of cider vinegar
1 tablespoon of soy sauce
¼ cup of ketchup
½ cup of sugar
salt to taste
black pepper to taste


First you need to cut the chicken breast into pieces which need to be a bite or two big. Then season them with black pepper and salt to taste and make sure they are equally seasoned. Then put the pieces in a bowl and add the ½ cup of cornstarch in. Roll the pieces nicely into the cornstarch.

Then get the two eggs and break them in a separate bowl. Mix them raw and then roll the cornstarch chicken pieces into the bowl with the raw eggs. When you have rolled all the chicken pieces into the cornstarch and then the eggs, you need to deep-fry them for a couple of minutes, until they turn brownish. When they are ready take the pieces out of the pan and leave them aside for now.

Then you need to get a clean pan and to heat the tablespoon of oil in it and then add the garlic which should be thinly chopped beforehand. Stir the garlic a little and then add the bell pepper. You need to wash it and to cut it into 2-centimeter pieces beforehand. Mix the bell pepper pieces with the garlic.

Then you need to add the vinegar and the soy sauce into the pan as well. Mix the ingredients a little and then add the ketchup and the white sugar. Stir once again the mixture well so that everything is seasoned equally and the sugar is melted.

When the mixture starts sizzling, in a minute or so, you need to add the cooked chicken pieces into the pan as well. Mix them with the rest of the ingredients. Cook the dish for one more minute by stirring it constantly and then take the pan off the hotplate.

The dish will be then ready to be served! You can season it with some sesame seeds. Enjoy your dish!

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