Stylish Outfit Ideas to Try This Winter
Portrait of a beautiful woman in a jacket with fur.

Stylish Outfit Ideas to Try This Winter


There are some people who complain about the cold winter weather. It is too cold to be pretty, or it is too cold to wear cute clothes, are two of the most common things some women may say about the relation between fashion and winter. But we say that you need to turn disadvantages into advantages.

In fact, winter fashion can be fun and absolutely gorgeous if you give it a chance and enjoy it. To help you with this task, we have prepared for you a few cool winter outfit ideas to try this season. And yes, pun was intended. Check them out!

#1 Fur coat

The first idea is for those of you who are not afraid to be elegant in the winter. The two main items in this outfit are a faux fur coat and a hat. For the coat we have chosen a black faux fur coat, but if you are not much into fur, even if it is faux fur, then you could choose one with fringes or macramé.

We have chosen a simple black top with long sleeves as well as a short brown skirt. If you feel too cold, you may wear instead a pair of jeans, or a long skirt. Boots are a must, and if you can, then choose boots with knee length.

As for the bag, you could choose a big shoulder one in brown to match it with the color of the skirt. The final touch to the outfit is a floppy winter hat in black as well.

#2 Beanie with matching gloves

What better fashion item to embrace in the winter than hats and gloves? This way you can not only be fashionable but warm at the same time. So, this outfit in the list was inspired by these winter accessories and more particularly – a hat with a pair of matching gloves. We have chosen grey and white to be the color of them, but, of course, you could choose other colors as well.

If the weather is not too cold you could wear the outfit with black leather jacket and a white sweater, or even white hoodie under it. When it comes the bottom part of the outfit, you could choose a pair of blue denim jeans, or a black pair of pants.

The finishing touch is a shoulder back again in black to match the color of the jacket. As you probably know, in the past women often used to match the color of their bag to the color of their shoes. These days this is not so popular among the fashionistas. It is better to match your bag to your jacket, or to a scarf, than to your shoes. This way the outfit will be even more interesting.

#3 Add some color

Usually the colors which are worn the most in the winter are the dark ones, black in particular. However, this does not mean that one should forget about wearing any other colors. On the contrary, this is the best way to improve your mood in the winter.

There are a lot of coats in vibrant colors, like yellow, green, or red that could do this job. This way you could choose to wear a long coat with one of these colors. For this outfit we have chosen green.

So, match the green coat with some black ankle boots and a pair of skinny black jeans. With the top part of the outfit, you could experiment. You could wear a top in one color only, or a top in stripes, which will be one of the top fashion trends this year.

If you want to be even more fashionable and elegant, do not forget to put on sunglasses, or a winter floppy hat as well. Green goes well with yellow and especially golden, so some golden jewelries will look good with the outfit.

#4 All in black

If you are a fan of the black color, then you could play it safe this winter and wear outfits that are all in black. The greatest thing about such kinds of outfits is that not only a person looks slimmer and more elegant because of the dark colors, but they look expensive as well. This is one of the specifics about wearing an outfit that is all in black, or all in white.

This means that your outfit can consist of a black top, a hoodie, or a sweater, a black pair of pants or jeans, a black pair of boots, maybe ankle boots, and a black jacket or coat. It is easy to kind such items and most people have them in their wardrobes already so this task would not be a difficult one.

The bag could again be in black, but the jewelries, if you choose to wear any, could be in silver because it will match the black color well.

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