Stylish Female Outfits Inspired by Menswear
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Stylish Female Outfits Inspired by Menswear


The great thing about fashion is that there are a lot of styles people can choose from. Some women prefer more girly outfits in pink, for example, while other women wear more rocker-style clothes. It depends on one’s personality and taste.

Fashion has been obsessed with androgyny for quite some time. There are a lot of androgynous models and, of course, a lot of female clothes inspired by male fashion. Today we have also decided to show you some female outfits inspired by menswear.

#1 Straight jeans and a sweater

There are different types of jeans for men and for women usually. This is because jeans designed for female bodies and tighter and accentuate their curves. Well, if you decide to try on some outfits inspired by menswear, then you should definitely try some straight male jeans, preferably in a light color.

During the winter you could also wear big and loose sweaters. For the outerwear, you can try out a trench coat in an earth color, like beige, gray, or some checked black and white color. If this outfit does not appeal to you, then you could try some of the other outfits inspired by menswear.

#2 University chic

The next outfit idea is a mix between the popular geek chic style and menswear. A typical university student uniform consists of some pair or pants in black, brown, gray, or some other dark color. The traditional uniforms also consist of sweaters and shirts.

The outfit inspired by this look is a black pair of jeans, a little more modern interpretation of the traditional uniform outfit. As for the upper part of the outfit, you will need to have a blue shirt ans a blazer. The shirt could be in a light blue color, and the blazer in a dark blue one.

Another thing which is important for the outfit to have is a pair of oxford shoes in a brown-orange color. The shoes this time are the central item of the outfit because they are the most androgynous piece of the listed ones.

#3 High heels androgyny

The central piece of the previous outfit was the shoes and it was the most androgynous of them all, the shoes of this outfit are the least androgynous piece. This time the shoes are high heels, which work as a nice finish to the overall men outfit.

Match a pair of brown, or even red high heels with a smart pair of pants in dark blue color. Add a shirt in white, or again in light blue color, and make the outfit complete by adding a blazer, or even better, a trench coat.

If you tie your hair up in a ponytail, or in a bun, you will give some more femininity to the look and the feminine and male pieces of the look will be equal.

#4 Neckties

The next item says it all – neckties. There are a lot of stylish women who like wearing neckties from time to time, even if their overall style is not androgynous. This piece of item is exclusively linked to menswear, but there are not boundaries for fashion after all.

If you have not yet tried a necktie, then maybe it is time to do it now. You could wear it with its typical counterpart – a shirt, or you could make it a little bit more feminine and wear it over a blouse. You should not forget to add some blazer to make the outfit even more androgynous.

For the bottom part of the outfit you can put on a pair of jeans, not to make the outfit too strict but a little more casual. Tie your hair in a high ponytail and put on some black high heels and your look will be complete. You will also look quite professional and business-oriented.

#5 A hat

If there is only one thing that all the androgynous outfits in the list have in common is that none of them would consist of a skirt or a dress, otherwise it would not be androgyny. The next outfit is no exception, but this time the pair of pant, which are part of the outfit, are in a more vibrant color – green. These colors are usually more feminine, but not all the times, of course. If you choose this style you could also wear it with other items for your none-androgyny outfits.

Wear the green pants with a pair of black Oxford shoes and a black cotton blouse tucked in the jeans for a more androgynous effect. Then put on some trench coat in a beige color and move on to choosing the right accessories which are the most important part of the outfit. You should choose a male sunglasses, like a round type of such and a male fedora hat. You can also add some accessories of your own, like a big male watch, or a satchel bag.

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