Spring Nail Design Ideas to Try before the Summer Has Come

Spring Nail Design Ideas to Try before the Summer Has Come

When it comes to beautifying ideas and techniques every girl has her own favorite ones which she would regularly try, but of course this does not mean that she would not experiment with different techniques every know and then. It is even preferable that she tries it because this is going to give her look some versatility. And since we like versatility as well, we are going to show you some nail designs you could try before summer is here. Check them out and enjoy them!

#1 A mix of 3 colors

There are a lot of women who are only used to applying 2 different nail polish colors for a single nail design. But if you are about to try something new and fresh this spring, so why do not you try a mix of three colors and not two? This way you could add some freshness to the nail design, especially if you choose some fresh colors as well.

For example, you could mint green, orange-red, and yellow for the first nail design. You can choose whichever of the three colors to be your main one, but we have chosen the mint green color. Apply it on your index, thumb, and pinky fingers nails and leave the middle and the ring finger nails bare for now.

The other nails need to be polished in a mixture of the three colors. There are different versions you could try here, of course. One of them is to apply all three colors on the remaining nails as a rainbow. For this purpose you will need nail strips to create straight horizontal lines.

Another designs for the remaining bare nails is applying a combination of mint green and red on one of the nails, and one of mint green and yellow on the other. To create some interesting design, you could apply the mint green color only on a third of the nail, the bottom part of it, and the other colors on the remaining two-thirds.

This mixture of colors is perfect for the warm days of the year, so do not hesitate to try it in the next couple of months.

#2 Palm leaf print

One of the most popular spring nail decorations is the one with flowers. But since we mentioned that we are going to strive at some less common and versatile nail design ideas, then instead of flowers we are going to show you some leaf designs, and more specifically palm leaf such.

To create a good enough palm leaf manicure design at least two different green colors, one that is lighter and another that is darker. You will also need a base color, which could be a white one, a beige one, a brown one, or even a golden one. And you will also need some black, you will find out later why.

First you need to apply the base color on all of your nails. Let it dry before you move on to drawing the leaf and choose on which of your nails to draw them.

Then use the black to outline the palm leaves. Create them in somewhat triangular shape with some toothed parts, it should not be a smooth leaf. Do not forget to draw the petiole. Then apply fill in the outlines with the darker green color. Let it dry and then draw the veins and the midrib of the leaf with the lighter green color. You can use a toothpick to draw the thin lines. The green color is a fresh one which makes it perfect for the spring as well.

#3 Add a little sparkle

Another of the trends that has been very popular lately is one of the nails to be painted in some glitter. This adds a little shine to the nail design and makes it stand out more. And since we decided to add a little twist to the current nail design trends, then you could try this one.

You will need a light blue nail polish, a golden glitter one, a white one and a dark gray one. Apply the light blue one on the thumb nails and the pinky nails. Apply the glitter on the middle finger nails. Then apply the white nail polish as a base on your index fingernail. And apply the dark gray color as a base on the ring fingernail.

The next thing you need to do is to draw some feathers on the index fingernail using the blue color and the gray color. Draw a few small feathers on the nail using a separate color for each of them. When they are ready, and dry, you can add a touch of glitter on the rachis, also called the shaft.

Then draw a single big feather on the ring fingernail using the white color. Draw the barbs in the light blue color using the thinnest tool you have. And then draw the rachis in some golden nail polish glitter.

And you are done!

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