Simple Fashion Tricks Every Woman Should Know
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Simple Fashion Tricks Every Woman Should Know


Nowadays people can learn everything from the internet. They can learn several languages, how to cook, or even how to play a musical instrument, like a guitar. The internet has answers to almost every kind of everyday problems. The good thing is that this way people from all over the world can make their lives easier as well.

Today we have also decided to make your life a bit easier, or should we say your fashion life. We have prepared for you some easy fashion tricks that you need to know in case you end up in certain situations. So, find out if they will come handy to you.

#1 Clean leather clothes

In the spring and fall a lot of people wear leather jackets and not only this, but they also wear leather shoes and other kinds of leather clothes in their everyday lives. They are very practical in general, but as every other kind of clothing, they can get stained. Even water drops can leave stains on leather.

That is why one may use a substance of water and vinegar to clean leather clothes. If you only use water to do it, it will be much harder for you and it will take you more time. And when you use cold water and vinegar the stain will be gone in no time.

#2 Keep your coats and jackets wrinkles-free

This has probably happened to all of us, to have wrinkles on our jackets. When the end of winter comes people put back in their wardrobe their winter jackets. They may fold them or put them at the back of the wardrobe in between other clothes where jackets can get easily wrinkled. Some people also bring in their luggage some jacket and they have to fold it in order to fit it in the space.

As a result of the above-mentioned situations, the jackets are very likely to get wrinkles because of this folding. If you want to keep your jacket wrinkles-free, then just turn it inside out. This way the inside part of the jacket will get the wrinkles and not the one that people see when you wear it. Cool, right?

#3 How to wash cashmere fabrics

Cashmere fabric is a very soft and fragile one. It could get easily damaged during washing, for example. That is why if you have cashmere pullovers or other kinds of cashmere clothes, you should wash them with baby shampoo. Baby shampoos are material-friendly, given the fact that one washes the gentlest thing in the world with it – baby’s skin. This way you need to wash cashmere fabric with baby shampoo to keep it as good as new.

#4 Get rid of bad shoe smell

The next trick is quite an easy one and it is about getting rid of bad shoe smell. You can do it in two ways. The first one is suitable especially for trainers. Sprinkle some baking soda inside and on top of the shoes. There is no need to wash them after that, just dust away the soda. What it will do is to absorb the bad smell.

The other way you can get rid of bad shoe smell is to put a dry teabag inside the shoes. Let them stay this way overnight and the next morning remove the teabags. You will notice that it would be little left of the smell.

#5 Keep sunglasses frames in place

The next fashion trick that could come in handy to you is about sunglasses. It is known that the more a person wear some clothing, the more likely it is to damage it. The same goes for sunglasses.

Sometimes the frame of your shades can get loose even if you have not worn them that much. In any case you can fix this rather than buy new glasses. And you can do it by applying some clearcoat nail polish on this part of the frame that is loosе. The nail polish will help keep it in place



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