Signs Showing You Are in a Toxic Friendship
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Signs Showing You Are in a Toxic Friendship

Nowadays it is very difficult to find a true friend. Sometimes the closest friends a person has are the ones from their childhood. Other times childhood friends drift apart and lose touch. Nowadays it is also difficult to be absolutely sure whether the person who you consider to be a friend of yours is really loyal and honest to you.

This is often why people end up in toxic friendships without even realizing how this has happened. If you want to find out whether you are in a toxic friendship or not, you may check these signs which show people are not in a real kind of friendship.

#1 Sorry, sorry, sorry

There are people who often forget about their “friends” and call them only when they want some favor from them. These people often begin their texts or phone calls with the word “sorry”. “Sorry I did not call you earlier”, “sorry I did not answer you back”, “sorry I had to postpone our meeting” and other similar sentences are the ones which you are most likely to hear from them.

Do you really think you could benefit from this person even when it comes to going out together? They are most likely to make you feel annoyed and not happy, the way a person should make their friends feel like.

#2 They have no time for you

Another sign which is an obvious one that your friendship is a toxic one is that this person has no time for you unless some of their other plans have fallen apart. If a person calls you, or wants to meet with you only when they are bored, have nothing else to do, or have a spare slot they want to fit someone in. You can easily notice if this person just fills their time with you. You only need to be aware of the signs.

#3 They never compromise

Another of the signs showing that you need to end this toxic friendship of yours is if this person is never ready to make a compromise. They would always want the time and the place of the meeting with you to suit them only and they would be never willing to make a compromise and choose time and place which suit you better. These people are rather selfish as well.

#4 They keep talking about their own problems

Another way to notice that your friendship is not the healthiest one for you is when this friend of yours never asks you about your life and problems but keeps talking about themselves. They would wither boast about their accomplishments, or they will complain about their problems.

And when you start talking about yourself and your problems, they would hardly pay any attention and when they have the opportunity they will continue talking about themselves. Do you really think you need this “friend”?

#5 When they find a boyfriend/girlfriend they forget about you

Probably all of us have had a friend who seems to forget about us when they find a new partner. For one reason or another, people tend to put love before friendships. However, it is really annoying when a person completely forgets about you when they find a new boyfriend/girlfriend.

And once they are single again and do not have a companion to go out with, they will turn back to you. It is pretty annoying and you need to learn how to tell whether this person is filling their time with you until they find a partner.

#6 They will never let you shine

Another sign of a toxic friendship is that this friend of yours is never willing to let you shine and be the center of attention. Such kinds of friends are usually selfish and envious.

If you, for example, buy some new piece of clothing, they are likely to say that they have seen it first and they wanted to buy it. Or when you are in the center of attention, they are likely to change the subject quickly and they to become the center of attention. Some friends, huh.

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