Short Traveling Guide to Tanzania
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Short Traveling Guide to Tanzania


There are a lot of exotic places which a person can visit nowadays because traveling has become much more affordable. There are a lot of flights which are not so expensive and which go to distant parts of the world which in the past were not popular tourist destinations because they were harder to reach. Now a person can go to almost any point of the world which they want to visit.

Today we are going to show you a short traveling guide to an exotic country which has become very popular with tourists recently – Tanzania. Tanzania is located on the east coast of Africa and has to offer a great vacation experience. Here is a list of things you need to know before you visit it.

#1 Health, currency, and traveling documents

The first few things you need to check before going to any country in the world are what the currency of the country is, the shots that you will need to get before arriving there and whether you will need a passport or a visa to visit it.

The currency of Tanzania is Tanzanian shilling. You are better off changing some money before you go there, but if you cannot find such currency in your country you may bring dollars which you will be able to change into Tanzanian shillings in the country when you arrive.

The necessary shots which you need to have before arriving in the country are the standard ones but also ones for Typhoid and Malaria since all the countries on the African continent are a home of these two diseases.

As for the traveling documents you will need, the most common one is a passport although there are some countries which also require a visa and you should also check whether yours is one of them.

#2 When to go

The next thing you should consider before going to any country on vacation is the time of the year when it is best to visit the given country. When it comes to Tanzania all year round it is perfect to visit the country depending on what you want to experience best when you are there. If you want to go on a safari, then the summer season from June to September is perfect for that, and also the winter months between January and March.

If you are keen climber and want to climb Kilimanjaro, which is located in Tanzania, then you can do that in January and February, or also in September. Which means that if you go to Tanzania in September you will be both able to go on a safari and to climb the mountain. And if you prefer to go there and experience some bird watching, then the best time of the year to do so from October to April.

#3 Manners

Every country, especially the ones which are considered exotic, have certain manners which can be different from the ones in your country. That is why you should check what is appropriate to do in public and what kind of things you should avoid. For example, women are advised to wear modest clothes at every public place they go and both men and women are advised not to wear shorts in public.

Another thing which is considered inappropriate is touching a person from the opposite gender in public. Homosexual activities are also very much frowned on. When you meet people the accepted way to greet them is by shaking hands, although some Tanzanian women may simply bow and not allow you to touch them.

#4 Services

The next thing you should know before you go to Tanzania is that taxi drivers usually round up, but if you see a taxi which does not have a meter, then you should best arrange the price beforehand since you may end up in an unpleasant situation having to pay a lot of money for the ride.

You also should not that bartenders, wait staff and bellboys usually want tips, which could be about 2k Tanzanian shillings, or about 5% of the whole bill.

And if you want to go shopping to some local market, you should know that bargaining is allowed and sometimes sellers can reduce the price of the item up to 50% of the initial price. This surely sounds like a great deal so do not miss to try some bargaining while you are in Tanzania.

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