Sexy Side Braid with Volume

Sexy Side Braid with Volume



Sexy side braid is amazing for when you don’t want to look too prepared, but still want to have a chic appearance. Whatever the occasion, this quick yet very stylish hairstyle will help you stand out from the crowd!

Step 1: Before anything else, adding texture is important for recreating this side braid. With your hair completely dry, comb it very well and apply some texturising spray all over it.

Step 2: Now, clip up the front part of your hair. You will want to section off this portion of your hair so that you can put it backwards once your braid is ready.

Step 3: Tease the rest of your hair very nice – you want a hairstyle with a ton of volume.

Step 4: Now is finally the time to start the French braid. As you can see from the pictures, take the pieces on the side to start the braid, directly in line with your temples.

Step 5: Divide the hair into three strands. Cross the right strand under the centre strand and then cross the left strand under the centre strand. Following the same technique, continue braiding until you reach the end. Then, use a clear rubber band to secure the braid.

Step 6: Once braided, use your fingers to loosen the braid and make it messier, by pulling on the braid in different areas. You can also backcomb sections of each braid if it isn’t looking very full.

Step 7: Remove the small clip and tease this section a little bit. Then, softly comb it back to make it blend in with the rest of your hair.

Step 8: If needed, use bobby pins to secure the braid in place. If you have heavier hair, you may need to use more pins to keep the bun from falling down. Finally, spray the whole hair with some light-formula hairspray in order to secure the texture and to save the soft look of the braid at the same time.



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