Reasons Why Your Hair Gets Greasy Fast
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Reasons Why Your Hair Gets Greasy Fast


Women have strong connection to their hair. It is usually because they can often show their personality, sensitivity, and sensuality through it.  However, a lot of women complain about having certain kinds of problems with their hair. Some, for example, complain that their hair is too dry and has a lot of slip ends, while others complain about having too greasy hair. If you also think that your hair gets greasy too fast, then you need to check if you are making some of the following mistakes for this.

#1 You touch your hair too much

There are a lot of ladies who cannot stop touching their hair. This could be either because they are nervous and want to hide something, or it could be a habit, or they simply are trying to fix some invisible lock of hair that it is not in its right place. However, touching your hair too much will have consequences, like getting too greasy. That is right, one of the reasons your hair might be getting greasy fast is you touching it a lot. So if you notice that you have been doing it quite a lot, then it is time to get rid of this habit of yours.

#2 Using too much conditioner

Another reason why your hair might be getting oily fast is the incorrect use of hair conditioners and the amount of which you apply on your hair. First of all, you need to remember that you should not apply any conditioner on the roots of your hair. Secondly, you need to use less conditioner than usual – if you apply more than a handful of conditioner on your hair, then it means you should definitely cut it down. And lastly, when you take a shower, you may start applying conditioner first and then shampoo. This way you will not allow the conditioner to get you hair greasy.

#3Using the wrong shampoo

You may thing that something is wrong with your hair because it is getting greasy too quickly after you have washed it, but have you thought that you may be using the wrong shampoo and that it could actually be its fault for this? Well, then you may search for some special shampoo that is specifically designed for greasy hair. You can also use some herbal shampoos. Basically try different shampoos until you find the perfect one for your hair. And good shampoos does not necessarily mean that they have to be expensive, have this in mind as well.

#4 Over-shampooing

Another reason which can be behind one’s greasy hair is the frequency of washing one’s hair. The oftener you wash your hair, the faster it would get greasy. This is because when you wash away its natural oils, your scalp creates more and more to compensate for the loss. And then you wash your hair gain, and as a result you have greasy hair. It is a kind of a circle you cannot get out of.

That is why you may try washing your hair more rarely than now. If you feel embarrassed because of your greasy hair, you can “hide” it by making yourself some kind of hairstyle. Or you could also use some baby powder to absorb the greasiness of your hair. This way you will not have to wash it, but you will also not have to deal with embarrassing situations. Just make sure you do not wash your hair every day. It is even better if you do not wash it every other day, but in two days’ time.

#5 Not getting enough vitamin B

One of the other reasons your hair may get oily too fast is the lack of vitamin B in your body. The lack of this group of vitamins results in the overproduction of oil from the sebum. And that is basically why not only your hair, but also your skin get oily too fast. If you want to increase the vitamin B intake, then you can start eating more beans, any kind you prefer.

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