Quit Those Eating Habits 

Quit Those Eating Habits 

Sometimes ignorance is the one thing that stops you from achieving your life goals. Let’s talk a little bit about weight goals. You might exercise really hard, try to eat well, but still, the weight isn’t going any down. You start to feel that the whole effort is pointless and you quit. But that’s not the solution to your problems. You have to find out what is holding you back, and more often your eating habits are the reason for not achieving the so-desired body weight and look. Check them out:

  • You are poisoning your body with alcohol. You might think that every Friday and Saturday night have to be spent drinking alcohol, because “you have to relax from the work week”, but you are not relaxing at all, you had a hangover the other day and that’s not going to end well for your weight loosing goal. After you drink any kind of alcohol your inhibitions are lowered and your appetite is increased, which is not a great combination if you want to lose some weight. Moreover, the cocktails contain a lot of calories and I suggest you to make a note with your phone every time you have a drink for a month and the next month cut that number in half or if it is possible – to Zero.  You will be amazed by the results.

  • I don’t like the word “diet”, I like to call the weight loosing menu a ‘healthy eating plan’. The ‘diet’ foods are full of ingredients which are tricking the body to feel fed up, while in fact it is not taking any healthy substances and after half an hour  you will be hungry again. You should opt for natural and fresh foods, which will satisfy the hunger and won’t build up fat layers on your belly or thighs.

  •  Another mistake that you are making, which stops you from losing weight is the fact that you are overeating healthy foods. Yes, it is great that you switched the fast food burgers with oatmeal, but you have to control the quantity of those foods too. You can’t combine a bowl of oatmeal with fruits and smoothie (which in fact is a separate meal). In order to prevent overeating, trust your body and control your portions by size.

  • A huge misunderstanding is the fact that you are thinking that reducing the amount of daily meals will lead to weight loosing. That’s a lie and you know it. You must not skip meals. If you stay hungry, you will start to burn calories harder and the first time you put something in your stomach, it will immediately turn into fat, because your body will be stressed out.

  • Another mistake is that you don’t make any difference between the types of fat. Your body needs the good fats, like the ones that the fish give you, the olive oil or the avocado. Make a difference, please.

  • You eat because you are having an emotional state of mind. That’s just wrong. Don’t use the food as therapy, just  talk with friends, go out and run and try to feel relaxed and calm, the chocolate ice cream won’t help you to solve your problem.

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