Quick Nail Art Using Glitter Roll Foils

Quick Nail Art Using Glitter Roll Foils



Decorating your nails on your own is a great way to spend your lazy Sunday afternoon having fun playing with different nail polishes and trendy colours. From glittery nail art designs to funky French tip manicures, the possibilities are endless. Enters … the quick nail art craze everyone is talking about! Yes, we talk about the glitter roll foils which will transform your nails in an instant!

Step 1: Prepare all the essential materials for this tutorial. You will need two glitter roll foils of your choice, a colourful base coat and a top coat.

Step 2: Prepare your nails by shaping the nail, pushing cuticles back and removing all oils. File from the outside of the nail towards the centre, creating a slightly curved edge. Try not to apply too much pressure on your nails as this may cause damage or breakage.

Then, apply a base coat, and wait it dry. Do not forget that it’s especially important to use a high-quality, long-lasting formula. It will better protect your nails from cracking or chipping and it will help your manicure to last longer than usual.

Step 3: Press the foil onto your nail by placing the shiny side up. Next, gently rub over using your finger, or for a better more precise application, use a rubber hoof stick.

Step 4: Carefully remove the foil and the foil pattern should be stuck to your nail.

Step 5: Take the other foil and place it onto your nail, shiny side up. Then, gently rub over using your finger.

Step 6: Remove the foil to reveal your masterpiece.

Step 7: Continue these steps by applying the foil onto the other nails.

Step 8: To achieve a long-lasting manicure, add a topcoat onto your nails daily to protect your unique nail art from chipping and cracking.


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