Quick and Easy Gym Hairstyle

Quick and Easy Gym Hairstyle


Are you annoyed when you go to the gym and come out of it looking like a sweaty mess? Working out and spending hours on the treadmill means that you will get wet, but you don’t need to sacrifice your sexy appearance because of that. We all know what sweating does to a hairstyle – it causes the style to flop. Do not worry about this anymore – a simple ponytail trick is coming to rescue you! You can style this look from home or the gym bathroom and be out the door in five minutes. If you don’t know how to create this unique yet simple gym bun, then follow the easy steps below.

Step 1: Begin this look by simply gathering all of your hair into a high ponytail at the back of your head. Use a rubber band to secure the pony in place. If you have shorter layers or bangs, you can either pin them around with some bobby pins or leave them hanging loosely.

Step 2: Grab your ponytail and start twisting it around itself.

Step 3: It is very important to twist the ponytail tightly to ensure the whole look is stable and secure when you are at the gym.

Step 4: Now, carefully wrap the twist around and coil it into a pretty bun.

Step 5: When you are satisfied with the final result, add pins on the sides to make the bun more stable.

Step 6: If you want to achieve more casual look, pull out some loose strands in front of your face.

Step 7: Finish your lovely gym ponytail hairstyle with a light hairspray to keep it from falling apart.

Step 8: To make sure your bun is secure, add another rubber band on top to keep it from falling apart in the middle of your gym workout session.

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