Pretty Outfits for the End of the Summer
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Pretty Outfits for the End of the Summer


There are a lot of people who do not want the end of summer to come. Unfortunately, this is going to happen soon and we need to be prepared for it both physically and psychically. And what better way to do this than to celebrate it with some shopping and filling your wardrobe with new combinations. Today we have prepared for you some fashion outfit ideas that are perfect for the end of the summer because they are neither for too hot weather, nor for too cool. Check them out!

#1 A skirt and a shirt

Shirts are one of the best fashion items for this time of the year because they are precisely not for too cold weather and not for too warm as well. Besides you can roll on your sleeves if you feel too warm and still to be fashionable and pretty.

The first of the outfits we are going to show you includes a shirt. Choose it in a light blue color and match it with a skirt in a baby pink color. This way the outfit will be very cute and perfect for the warm days of the year. If you want to wear it to work, you may choose a pencil skirt up to the knee, or a pleated flared skirt.

Match the outfit with a colorful bag. This way you will be wearing light colors and the bag will stand out. Green or yellow will be a perfect choice. As for the shoes make sure you put on high heels in a nude color. They will make the outfit complete and will give it a sophisticated look. And if you choose high heels and not sandals, or platform sandals, your feet will not be that cold in the cooler days.

#2 Street chick

The next outfit is suitable for more casual events, you can go to work wearing it, or you could go to the park, or shopping. You will need a pair of white jeans and a t-shirt either in white, beige, or grey color. The outfit is very comfortable and easy to match with the accessories.

And since you will be wearing a t-shirt and the end of the summer may get cooler, then you will need an item to protect your bare arms. You could try with a scarf. Get a long one in black and white, for example, and wear it on your neck. If the weather gets too cold, cover your arms with is.

As for the shoes, you may well put on some sneakers and if the weather is too hot for sneakers, you may simply put on some flat sandals in black. They are comfortable, perfect for long walks and your feet will not be too warm. You may match the outfit with a long necklace and a bracelet watch to complete it.

#3 Working chic

The next outfit is perfect for the working days that are ahead of you. The outfit is pretty simple and comfortable. Just put on a blue shirt and match it with a pair of fitted black pants. The shirt may be a bit longer and it is not necessary to be fitted. Blue and black are perfect colors for a work uniform that is why a lot of companies choose them for their employees’ uniforms.

You can match the outfit with a pair of black shoes, both flats and high heels will do the job, it only depends on your personal preferences which one you will choose. You should not wear too much accessories. It is best to keep the outfit simple especially if you are wearing it to work. You may put on a watch or a bracelet.

Last, but not least, pay attention to the bag. A simple black one would be a perfect match to the rest of the outfit especially if you are going to wear it to work. It should be also relatively big to be able to hold all of your documents in it.

#4 Romantic girl

The last outfit we are going to show you today is very sweet and romantic. According to me, it is perfect for a date with your partner. It consists of long skirt in white and red in geometrical shapes, or one in stipes. Match it with a denim shirt. Make sure the skirt is high-waist one and the denim shirt to be tucked in it. Denim clothes are perfect for chilly days because they keep you more or less warm.

Match the outfit with cure flat shoes in nude or pink color. And, of course, do not forget about the bag. Make sure it is a small one. It could be in white, nude, beige, basically stick to more subtle colors and not too rich and bold ones. After all, you are trying to look romantic.

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