Peacock Nail Tutorial

Peacock Nail Tutorial

Nail art is something amazing. I always search for new ideas and I am in love with having beautiful nails. It is kind of the most important thing about my outer appearance and I love the idea that you can create art on your nails.

  • Start out on a bare nail.

  • You can firstly remove your cuticles and shape your nails.

  • Apply a coat of base nail polish. This will give you a good base. It will protect your nail and help your nail polish last longer.

  • Apply two coats of black nail polish (if it is still transparent apply 3). Wait for it to try a bit.

  • Continue on by applying a two coats of turquoise shimmering nail polish. But don’t apply it over the whole nail bed. Leave some black around it – just as shown on picture 3.

  • Back to black. Apply the black in the center of the turquoise. Once again refer the picture (4).

  • Now continue with the turquoise. As you can already guess you should apply it over the black. Once again in the center of it.

  • Now you need a nail polish that consists from shimmer and pigments. Preferably in turquoise, blue, green and some silver. This are the colors of the peacock and they will give a good illusion of what you want to achieve – the tail of the peacock.

  • Apply that shimmery nail polish over the nail bed. You can skip the first black part and start there, but it is all up to you.

  • Finish off with a coat of top polish. This will make your nail polish last longer. It will give it a good glow and it will make the nail stronger.

  • Since you have a few coats of nail polish here it is best to give it time to dry out fully before you do anything, so that you don’t make a mess and ruin the beautiful nail art you just created.

Peacock Nails Tutorial

Peacock Nails Tutorial

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