Outfit Ideas Inspired by Traditional British Style to Try This Season
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Outfit Ideas Inspired by Traditional British Style to Try This Season


There are some trends in fashion which seem to resist the passage of time and years. And one of this trends is the traditional British style. It includes typical for the English gentlemen and ladies clothes for hunting and also sweaters, coats, and jockey breeches in brown hues.

We could say that this style matches the typical colors for the autumn seasonwhich traditionally tend to be dark, earth colors, like brown, grey, or black. That is why we have used this style as an inspiration and we have decided to share with you some outfit ideas which combine the traditional aristocratic British style and a more modern style. Check them out!

#1 Cool Chick

The first suggestion in our list is called “cool chick”. This outfit is a mixture of a rebel modern girl and a boarding schoolBritish girl. If you want to try it on, you will need a pair of brown jeans, or a pair of brown fitted pants, a striped brown and white (or light brown) coat, a pair of fashionable brownish, or red shades, and a French beret in a light brown color. If you want to add even more modern touch to the outfit, then you can match it with a nice chic brown shoulder bag. This outfit is a perfect one for school, university, or work. And it is also very suitable for the season.

#2 Sexy jockey girl

The next suggestion that may inspire you to try the traditional British style is this “Sexy Jockey Girl” outfit. There is just no way for us to miss to add a pair of breech pants in one of the suggestions and we have done it with this one. The pants you may choose could be in two main brown hue colors, or only in one lighter brown hue. Match them with a white shirt and a cardigan in the traditional British pattern – a checked one in brown, white, and black colors.

Then you may also add a coat, either in some traditional British pattern again, or in brown, beige, or grey color. You definitely should not forget about the accessories as well. You may add some bow on your shirt neckline to make the outfit both feminine and traditionally-looking. And since it is already outside, a pair of gloves surely would not beunnecessary. And if you want to make your outfit even more memorable, then you may choose red gloves instead of the traditional darker glove colors.

#3 Casual Chic

The next suggestion is for those of you who do not want to stand out too much, or simply like dressing casually. You could also add some touches of the traditional British style to your outfits. The highlight of your outfit needs to be your shoes. And for the purpose we have chosen Oxfords in the traditional dark brown color.

Match them with a fitted pair of jeans in dark blue and with a white shirt in some animal print, for example, like birds, cats, or horses. This kinds of prints used to be popular a few years ago, but their job is still not done and we could take advantage of them for some more time. You definitely should not forget to put on a coat, or better yet a blazer for the warm fall days.

#4 Manly chic

Another important part of the British style is that it is rather manly than girly, so women who like androgynous styles would definitely want to try out this outfit. You will need a pair of beige smart trousers, preferably with a rim. Then you will need a white shirt, or a light blue one (which was often considered in the past as a typical male color for shirts).

Match it with a woolen cardigan in grey and complete your outfit with a beige coat. It could also be a woolen one in traditional patterns, like stripes. Autumn is a season which not only could inspire one to dress up warmly, but also to try more androgynous style, one which high fashion simply adores.

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