One Ingredient For Thick and Long Lashes
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One Ingredient For Thick and Long Lashes

If you want to make your lashes grow big and thick, you should search for a natural way to do it. The perfect 100% natural product for hair growth is the Castor oil. It has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, which helps to increase the blood circulation to the scalp and this leads to hair growth. The same rule applies to the eyelashes.

Castor oil targets the bulbs of the lashes by providing them with nutrients for healthier regrowth.

  • The Castor oil should be applied along the upper lashline. You can use a Q-tip for the application of the Castor oil, but my recommendation is to use an eyeliner brush. You can take an old bottle of eyeliner, the one with very thin brush and clean it nicely. Then, pour some castor oil in the bottle and you have a perfectly natural ingredient, trapped into a convenient bottle with a convenient brush.

  • If you use a Q-tip, you can accidentaly put some Castor oil in the eye, which is not a pleasant thing to experience.

  • You must apply the Castor oil directly on the lash line, right into the lash follicles.

  • Apply the Castor oil on clean skin, or at least 30 minutes before falling asleep, in order to give it enough time to get absorbed into the skin and into the follicles of the eyelashes.

  • Some girls claim that they saw a difference only after one week, but if you want to see a huge difference and great result, you must do it at least for 3 months and keep going. After a few weeks, you will create a habit, just like brushing your teeth and the application of the castor oil won’t bother you at all.

  • The castor oil must be 100% natural and cold-processed. Just read the label and ask a specialist.

  • You can also apply some of the Castor oil directly on the lashes with an old mascara wand. Clean it nicely with liquid soap and makeup remover and apply the castor oil.

  • Be patient and enjoy the great results!

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