No-Makeup Makeup Design

No-Makeup Makeup Design

If you want to enhance your eyes without looking too covered in makeup, you should try some of the no-makeup makeup designs. This one is a little bit bolder than usual, but the eyes of the model allow it. Take a look at the steps and follow them one by one if you think that this design can match your eyes and face. Here we go:

  • You must prepare the lids with a primer. This is an essential step for every makeup decoration. If you forget somehow to apply this step, then you are taking a great risk – the whole makeup might fade away completely. You must know that the skin of the human’s body is covered in small holes, which are called pores. Sweat and oils come out of the body through these pores, which means that these juices will wipe off everything off the skim. The primer doesn’t let that happen, because it absorbs the skin oils of the lids before they reach the layer of the makeup. That’s why it is highly important to apply the primer before the application of the colors.

  • So, once the lids are prepared with the primer, you should apply dark color on the crease and you should create a C shape at the outer corner of the eye. This shape must be smudged and barely noticeable.

  • Then, cover a little bit the bottom lid, but only into the roots of the lashes, nothing more.

  • Then, enhance the eyes with thin eyeliner and a little bit of mascara.

  • Cover the brows with color, but you have to simply fill them in without drawing a whole new shape of the eyebrows.

  • Keep the lips nude and soft. You can exfoliate them with cinnamon, because it will make a natural looking reddish effect of the lips.

  • All done! Your no-makeup makeup design is ready. Have fun!

no-makeup makeup design

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