No Heat Wavy Hair

No Heat Wavy Hair

If you want to make heatless tools, you have to prepare that you will have to wait a lot until the waves are created. That’s why I recommend you to plan this type of hairstyle one day earlier, which means that you will have enough time while you sleep to wait until the magic happens – over the night.

So, take a look at the steps and follow them right before bed, or earlier if you don’t have plans for going out tonight. Here we go:

  • Make sure that the hair is clean. If it is not, the whole effect will be ruined because of the oily roots. Spritz dry shampoo in the roots by parting the hair into layers in order to get the product all over the head. Don’t rub the dry shampoo into the roots, because it will work over the night perfectly even without rubbing.

  • Then brush the hair and apply stylizing mousse. While the mousse is wet, part the hair into three sections – left, right and middle.

  • Twist each section tightly and secure it at the top of the head with hair clips.

  • And now, go to sleep.

  • In the morning release the twists and finger brush it strands in order to merge the waves together.

  • Spritz the hair with a lot of hair spray from long distance. Don’t touch the hair until the hair spray is dry.

  • Done!

You see how easy it is to have perfectly wavy hair texture even without the damaging properties of the heating tools.

Yes, it is a slower method, but it is worth waiting for. And it is definitely healthier than the heating tools like curling iron and flat iron.

Remember: when you have to use heating tools, always prevent any deep damage from the heat with thermal protector!

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