No-Heat Beach Waves Tutorial

No-Heat Beach Waves Tutorial

It sounds unbelievable, but the summer is already here and we must celebrate it with a summer-like hairstyle – the beach waves. This trend became big deal two years ago, but it seems that it will never get old, or at least there are beaches and vacations, which means that the beach waves hairstyle will be eternal, because we will never give up the beaches and the vacations, especially the Spring Break. So, let me show you one very effective and easy way for creating beach waves over the night. This technique doesn’t require heating tools, such as flat iron or curling iron, which is great because the hair will be spared. Take a look at the steps and follow them one by one. Here we go:

  • The hair must be freshly washed. If it is not, you must apply dry shampoo at the roots and you must dampen the hair so the trick will work best. But if your hair is wet from the shower, you should let it almost dry, but not completely, it must be a little bit dampened.
  • The hair must be combed too, otherwise, the waves won’t be as smooth as expected.
  • Then, spray the hair with stylizing product, but choose the one with the lighter formula.
  • Squeeze the hair and finger-comb it so the product will cover the whole hair. Keep the product off the roots.
  • Then, divide the hair in two equal parts – left and right.
  • Take the left part and twist it gently, not too tightly. Roll it into a low bun and secure it at the lower back of the head.
  • Then, take the other half and repeat the same thing – twist it and roll it into a bun.
  • Secure the bins with bobby pins and hair bands if needed. Let the hair curl over the night and the next morning you will wake up with perfect hair texture – smooth and wavy, enjoy it!

no-heat beach waves

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