New Year’s Resolution Ideas
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New Year’s Resolution Ideas



The New Year is slowly approaching, and with the holiday season already upon us many people are indulging in retrospection and evaluating some of their life choices. New Year’s resolutions are the perfect opportunity for all those who have failed to start making the changes that they said they would make next week, next month, or perhaps when winter starts. If the idea of making lofty New Year’s resolutions has you feeling overwhelmed, do not fret. We’re here to tell you that even the smallest of changes can have a big impact on your life, especially if you can turn them into habits. To jumpstart the self improvement kick for your impending 2018, we have come up with a few suggestions about what kind of resolutions might be good, and none of them involve joining a gym. What will you write for the next chapter of your life? It is entirely up to you.


Resolution 1: Learn something new each day.


Set the resolution to learn something new every day in order to have a better understanding of the world and how it works. Fortunately, the internet makes it incredibly easy to learn new things. Not getting an education or taking advantage of opportunities are two of the things people look back on their lives and regret the most. It can be anything – from learning how to play an instrument and take music lessons to finding a hobby such as learning how to cook, improving your Photoshop skills or learning a new language. Learning something new every day can unquestionably make you smarter. A good starting point is find tutorials on learning a new language. Learning a foreign tongue when you’re young is not only easier, it can also make you cleverer in other ways. For free online, in a classroom, with a private tutor, with a foreign lover. Whatever your method, learning a new language can open your mind to limitless opportunities. Learning a new language is not an easy thing to do, but exercising your existing language skills is certainly something you can accomplish. Did you take three years of German in high school? Go to Germany and try to talk in German with salespeople, waiters and everyone you encounter.


Resolution 2: Pick up a hobby that you actually like.


Hobbies can lower your stress levels, boost your brain power, improve your ability to focus, and more. Therefore, in 2018, start a new hobby. Whether it is reading, cooking, sport or photography, finding a hobby can be a killer way to boost your self-confidence. If fitness becomes your new hobby, for example – and only when done in a healthy and non-aggressive manner – it can generally raise your endorphin and dopamine levels to the point where your attitude toward life and yourself is made significantly more positive. Travelling is another great way to uplift your confidence level, make you a better trip planner and help you become a better observer.


Resolution 3: Start eating healthier food and abandon junk food altogether.


Switching to a healthier diet can be incredibly tricky when we are surrounded by cheap junk food. However, with a good amount of determination and some basic tips you can slowly develop healthier eating habits. As many say, you are what you eat, so eat healthy! The best way to control what goes into your body is making the food yourself. Eat fresh, nutritious, healthy and low-fat food and always avoid junk food. Try to consume more vegetables and fruits. They are so low in calories that it is very difficult to gain weight eating them. Adding a lot of vegetables and fruits to your daily meal will certainly keep you feel full longer and make you look slimmer. You can also eat beans, chicken, fish, yogurt, and dairy products. If you gained weight in 2017, resolve to eat smaller portions in 2018.


Resolution 4: Stop procrastinating and do what you are supposed to do.


The biggest barrier that keeps most people from reaching their goals is the desire to relax and do something fun instead of working hard. If you didn’t achieve your goals this year, procrastination was the likely culprit. Make 2018 the year you stop procrastinating and start getting things done. Stop telling yourself that you simply don’t have the time to work on your dreams.

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