New Years Eve Quick and Easy Cute Big Bun Updo

New Years Eve Quick and Easy Cute Big Bun Updo


Is it New Year’s Eve?  Already?! Christmas and New Year Eve are the most long-awaited holidays for most people. Celebrating at work, at school, in the family circle or partying with friends, you certainly want to look special. A lovely hairstyle that really flatters can make your whole look. This week’s hair tutorial is such a fun, flirty and edgy hairstyle – the easy big bun updo! It will be perfect for those New Year’s Eve Parties! Nothing like welcoming in the new year looking’ like a gorgeous princess!

Brush your hair thoroughly to remove any tangles. A large paddle brush with individual plastic pins is best for long hair, as the pins minimize stretching and breaking the hair.

Step 1: Begin by separating your bottom part of your hair from the crown. Gather the crown section into a ponytail. This ponytail should be low and rest at the back of your head.Part your hair just above the hair tie. If your hair is short be careful not to separate your hair too much, or it will fall out of your hair tie. Now grab the ponytail through the part and pull through. You may tighten your ponytail if it has become loose.

Step 2: Make another inverted ponytail below the first one. This one should be in line with your ears.

Step 3: Use a topsy tail if it is easier for you to make the inverted ponytail.

Step 4: Now it is time to pin the whole hair into a large bun using bobby pins.

Step 5: Continue inserting bobby pins around the base of your bun until it is fully secured to your scalp. Push them as far into your hair as possible to keep your bun tight and hide the pins from view.

Step 6: Lightly spray with hairspray if there are any wisps or frizzy hair. This also helps secure the bun, though it is not strictly necessary.

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