Nail Decoration For Long Nails

Nail Decoration For Long Nails

If you have long nails, you must take advantage of this length by creating beautiful nail decoration. Take a look at my idea down below:

  • First, file the nails in order to create an equal shape and length for all of them. You have to create the square shape of the nail bed, because you will have to make an interpretation of the french manicure, which look best on square shaped nails.

  • Once the shape is ready, you have to take care of the skin and the cuticles around the nails. If you deal with dry cuticles, which are sticking out, you have to moisturize and exfoliate the nails, also push the cuticles back with an orange stick.

  • And now, the nails and the background are ready to start with the application of the nail polishes.

  • The first layer of nail polish must be the one that prepares the nails for the decoration – the primer. Instead of a base coat you can use a base for French manicure, which is not as transparent as the primer. Apply the base and let it dry completely before you move to the next step.

  • Now, cut a curved shape from a piece of tape or use a strip that is specially developed for nail decorations. Stick it beneath the nail tip, leave a large gap at the tip.

  • Paint that gap with dark bronze color.

  • Keep the strip on for the next step. Now, draw a few strip lines on the tip with golden nail polish.

  • Wait a few seconds for the nail polish to tighten and then remove the strip carefully with tweezers. This little ‘waiting’ trick will prevent smudging of the nail polish.

  • Now, finish the decoration with a few dots.

  • When every part of the decoration is dry, you can lock it with a top coat.

  • Done!

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