Nail Art For Holiday Look

Nail Art For Holiday Look

The winter is full of holidays that deserve your attention with a proper look. You can start matching your appearance with the winter by painting your nails properly. Let me show you a delicate and soft combination of colors and clean design for your nails – the Dark Eclipse nail art. Here we go:

  • Every good manicure requires good nail condition. You must always prepare the background that will secure a flawless decoration. If needed, soften the cuticles of the nails and remove the with hand scrub and orange stick. Don’t cut the cuticles, because you might hurt yourself as long as you are not a professional.

  • Then, file the nails into an oval shape, because it will suit the decoration perfectly.

  • Then, prepare the nails with a primer, which must be a transparent nail polish in order to prevent yellowing of the nails.

  • When the base coat is dry, you can apply a silver glitter nail polish. If needed, apply two coats, only if the first layer don’t fully covers the nail bed. Let the silver layer dry completely before the application of the decoration.

  • And this decoration needs a thing drawing brush and two opaque nail polishes – orange and black.

  • Draw a thick line at the edge of the nail. Make sure the line is tracing the curve of the nail perfectly. Let it dry.

  • Then, draw a black line on top of the orange one, but make it thinner so the orange line will be visible.

  • Wait for the thin lines to dry and then lock the decoration with a top coat. If you want to save this decoration to last longer, reapply the top coat every two days.

If you liked this decoration, you must come back to check out our new ideas for your manicure. Enjoy!

nail art for holiday look

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