Metallic Makeup For Fancy Events

Metallic Makeup For Fancy Events

When you need to look stunningly good, you have to rely on your makeup, because the makeup has unimaginable powers. If you are skillful enough, then you are capable of transforming your face and in fact, your whole appearance, only with the help of different makeup techniques, designs, products and tools.

But I think that this opinion is wrong. We shouldn’t opt for transformations, we should opt for enhancing the best we’ve got. For instance, if you have interesting colored eyes, then you should enhance them with interesting makeup design. Or if your lips are plump, you should enhance them with dark colored lipstick. You’ve got my idea.

Now, let me show you a makeup design that is perfect for a glamorous night. Take a look at the steps and follow them if you think that the colors will match your skin and eye color:

  • Prepare the lids with a primer. As you know, sometimes the makeup smudges and faded because your lids get sweaty. Well, the job of the primer is to absorb the skin oils, which prevents the smudging and the fading of the makeup. If you have primer underneath the makeup, you are securing a long lasting design.

  • Now that the lids are prepared with a primer, you can start applying the eyeshadows. Start with a light silver color. Cover the lid from the inner corner of the eye to the outer, but don’t draw a V-shape. Blend in a little bit.

  • Now, create the V-shape at the outer corner of the eye with black color. Smudge it and trace the crease as well.

  • Cover the middle of the lid with pastel yellow color or golden color.

  • Use a brush and run it over the lids in order to merge the colors together.

  • Finish the look with an eyeliner and mascara.

  • Done!

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