Merry Christmas Elegant Makeup Look

Merry Christmas Elegant Makeup Look


Step 1: Lower your eyelid so you can have a smooth service to draw on. Use a fluffy brush to smooth gold eyeshadow across your eyelid in a windshield-wiper motion for intense color. When applying intense pigment, try to concentrate on your inner and outer corners of your eyes to pop up the final look.

Step 2: Smudge dark grey shadow across your upper lash line. Hold the tip of the handle and swirl in circular motions to softly blend the shadow across your lid.

Step 3: Add brown color on your crease to achieve sexy, twinkling sparkle with a ton of depth and movement. Applying with a wet makeup brush takes this formula’s pigment and sparkle to the next level.

Step 4: Outline the outer part of your waterline with dark brown eyeshadow. Then, trace the inner part of your lower lash line with golden glittery color.

Step 5: Use ultra creamy mascara with lengthening and volumizing formula to get you sexed up in one stroke. To achieve maximum intensity, go ahead and pile on coat after coat – the creamy formula won’t get brittle or clumpy.

Step 6: Like the little black dress, the red lips are timelessly classy and sexy. Apply red lipstick all over your lips. The finish of the lipstick is entirely up to you, but if you have dry skin you may want to use moisturized lipstick or consider matte finish if your skin is oily. To blot your lips, stick a ply tissue between your lips and gently close your mouth. Make sure that the tissue you are using is of good quality so it won’t leave any paper bits on your lips. Then, recoat your lipstick and blot again to achieve a long-lasting, intense color. Now you can enjoy your intense red lipstick all day and night without worrying whether it will smudge or fade away!


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