Matte Red Wine Lips Tutorial

Matte Red Wine Lips Tutorial


Summer is coming to an end, and if you’re located in most parts of the country you’re probably beginning to feel the coolness of fall approaching. With the new season in full swing, you must always choose shades which equally compliment your look and go in tone with the autumn. One of the trendiest shades for autumn is red, red wine to be precise. Women have coloured their lips red for thousands of years; before lipstick was created, red lips were trendy.  If you’re one for drama, try a rich wine-red shade on your lips. Sporting matte lips are a great way to make the world pay attention to you without going overboard!

Step 1: First, apply the concealer on your lips. Start from the center of your lips and then sweep the brush along the perimeter of the upper lip area towards the Cupid’s bow. Continue sweeping the brush until you have covered your outer lip area. Then, buff the concealer in along the top lip perimeter. Before putting the lipstick on, nicely blend the foundation with the brush to create the perfect surface. Now it is time for the highlight. Apply the highlighter to the centre of your top lip and between your Cupid’s bow.

Step 2: Take a small lip brush and apply the matte red wine colour to your lips. Create lines starting from the inner of your lips towards the outer edges.

Step 3: Start filling in your lips using the lip brush. The further outside the periphery you draw this line, the bigger and stranger your lips will look; keep it small for a subtle look.

Step 4: Now, apply your favourite matte lipstick to the entire lip area, gently blending the lip pencil lines you created. Make sure you have covered the entire lip area. Carefully tap on your lips and try not to smear! As the saying goes, it’s always much easier to build up the intensity slowly, rather than dabbing on more than you should and having to start all over.

Step 5: That’s it! You have now created a rich, red wine matte texture!

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