Match the Manicure with the Holiday Spirit

Match the Manicure with the Holiday Spirit

The whole indoor and outdoor area is full of stars, reindeer, Christmas trees, decorated houses, decorated stores and decorated streets. If you want to feel extremely Christmas-y, you should wear those ugly Christmas sweaters that your grandma gives to you every year as a precious gift. And to match this sweater, let’s make ugly Christmas manicures. Well, they are not ugly, they are just too trite. I’ll give you three ideas for Ugly-Sweater-Nails. Take a look:

Reindeer Manicure


As long as this decoration is called Ugly-Sweater-Manicure, you don’t have to worry about the super precise effect of your drawings. The important thing is to choose the right colors, to shape the nails into a proper and equal shape and to protect them with a base coat.

Then, apply a dark blue nail polish as a base, which will work as the night blue sky – the background of the flying reindeer.

Take a thin, drawing brush and draw a shape of a reindeer with golden color.

Once you are done drawing, and when the decoration is completely dry, you should lock it with a thick layer of top coat.

Christmas Tree Manicure


Again – shape the nails and prepare them with a primer. Then, apply a golden base and let it dry. Draw the shape of a Christmas tree with dark green color. Wait for the shape of tree to dry completely. Dot on some brightly colored dots in different colors all over the tree to imitate a decoration and light bulbs. Let them dry again. Seal the deal with a top coat.

Snowflake Manicure


This time the base must be red, like the color of Santa’s costume. Let it dry. Take a thin drawing brush and draw a snowflake with all its details. When this layer of decoration is completely dry, apply top coat to save it last longer, or at least until New Year’s Eve, when you will have to change your manicure with more sophisticated and party-like nail decoration.


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