Manicure Ideas for Short Nails
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Manicure Ideas for Short Nails


We are often used to thinking that good manicure can be achieved with long nails only. This way many women wait for their nails to grow a little before they visit their manicurist.

Well, there are some disadvantages to long nails apart from taking some time to grow. They could be uncomfortable to do one’s everyday tasks, like doing the dishes or writing on the computer.

That is where short manicure comes in. If you do not believe that it can look as stylish and pretty as long manicure, then you need to check these short manicure ideas we have prepared for you. Who knows you may fall in love with short nails.

#1 Green shine

If your nails are short, then it is better to avoid wearing too many nail decorations, like stones on your nails, because they will take too much space from your nails and will make them look even shorter. Big decorations are not the best choice for short nails but this does not mean that there should not be others.

The first manicure idea for short nails we have prepared for you is called green shine because there are two main colors included and they are both green. One of them is shinier and the other one is matte. And they are both dark, like deep green.

Apply the shiny green on two of your nails, for example on your index finger nail and on your pinky finger nail. Then apply the shiny green on the middle finger on one of your hands and on the thumb finger nail on your other hand.

On the remaining two fingers you may draw some decoration, like vertical lines on nude base if you want to make them appear longer. Or if you like floral decorations, you may draw some leafs to match the main color of the manicure.

#2 Simple red manicure

The next idea is as simple as it may sound – red manicure. However, this does not mean that it is going to be boring. On the contrary, sometimes it is much better to have simple manicure with one color only than toy add all the colors of the rainbow on your nails, or to apply some ridiculously big decorations which will not only take most of your nail space but will look weird on short nails.

That is why you may choose your favorite nail polish color and to have your nails done with it only. Dark colors, like red and blue, will match the short length of the nails, but if you do not want your nails to reveal their true length, you may wear beige or nude nail polish. This way the color will not stand out too much, thus your fingernails will not let it show how long they are. Simple, but smart and pretty as well.

#3 Ombre effect

Ombre effect is one of the trends that is not a huge hit at the moment. It was popular a couple of years ago, but this does not mean we should forget about it completely. In fact, ombre nails are very suitable for short nails because it will create the illusion that the nails are not as short as they are. Here is an example.

Choose two main colors you want to create the ombre effect with. We have chosen white and light blue, but if you prefer you can use others where the contrast is even less obvious. Apply the white nail polish (the lighter color) on your nails and wait for it to dry completely.

Then get a sponge with the help of which you will create the ombre effect. Apply on it some of the light blue nail polish and then press this part of the sponge where you have applied the nail polish on the tip of your nail.

Make sure you do not cover all your nail with the sponge, especially this part of it where the nail polish is. Do the rest with your nails. You may also add some decoration if you want, but make sure it will elongate your nails rather than make it look shorter. Suitable decorations are vertical lines, for example, but you may try others as well. You could even have a palm drawn. It is up to you.

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