Make Your Lips Look Fuller

Make Your Lips Look Fuller


How to make your lips look fuller? Just follow the simple steps below and discover that magical lip secret!

Step 1: Before you begin, it’s very important to prepare and moisturise your lips. In order to remove any dead skin cells and have a smooth surface to work on, apply your favourite scrub onto a clean toothbrush and use a circular motion to gently exfoliate your lips. Next, grab your non-oily lip balm and apply it from the centre of the lip first towards the corners.

Step 2: Line the lips with a purple liner, preferably dark colour. Investing in a high quality brand will make your makeup last longer and your lips look fuller all day.

Step 3: Create a base with a violet lipstick and fill in the lips with short strokes from outline to centre. Blend with a bright red using short blending stroke. Don’t go too close to the outline! If you do, you will lose the effect that you are trying to achieve and you will have to start over.

Step 4: Press a cream highlighter into the centre of your bottom and upper lips. The light shadow will give your lips a fuller shinier look. Highlight the Cupid’s bow as well.

Have a look at the finished look! If you want a more dramatic look, then use a darker pencil and lighter lipstick. The choice is yours on how subtle or dramatic you want your lips to appear. Also, this type of technique can be used for any lipstick colour. You can create this look with light lipsticks or darker ones. Just follow the steps above and see what suits you best. But remember that lip contouring may not be the perfect solution for everyday—just special occasions where you’ve got time (and plenty of it) to spare.


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