Make Some Room For The New Trends

Make Some Room For The New Trends

Every girl is prepared for the Spring with her clothing wish list, but there is a problem that will stumble you: the lack of space in your wardrobe, because it can’t handle another piece of clothing. That’s why you should clean it up and help it breathe, and prepare for the new fashion wave – the Spring/Summer Trends for 2015. Here are some tips, which will guide you while you try to decide which clothes go for donation and which ones stays. Take a look:

  • Make a playlist. It is highly important to keep yourself motivated during the hard work of renewing your wardrobe. The work is indeed really hard and  the music will cheer you up. If your mood goes blue only by the fact that you will have to give away some of your clothes, go for relaxing sounds, which will soften your nerves.

  • Your workplace should be your floor. Gather all of your clothes on the floor and start folding and categorizing them while answering the question: ‘Will I ever wear this?’ Prepare for the moments of terrible discoveries that you have made terrible decisions about buying clothes that are absolutely inappropriate and strange now. But don’t blame yourself – your taste has changed and the trends are different now.

  • Prioritize, categorize and compare. Once the clothes are all categorized in separate piles, it will be easy for you to compare them one to another and order them according your priorities. For instance, if you have 8 sweaters, remove at least 2 of them, but if you have  12 tops, remove 1 or 2, they are more precious because they can be matched with many other items of clothing.

  • Sometimes it is helpful and healthy to follow the rules and there is one fashion rule that you have to follow strictly: If you haven’t worn it in a year, throw it away. Don’t fool yourself that you will wear that item sometimes in the future. If you haven’t worn it for one year, you won’t wear it for another one and the circle will go round and round, but these clothes will take a room that could be used for clothes that you will actually wear.

  • If you organize your clothes well, you will discover a whole new world of empty space. For instance, buy thin hangers, storage boxes and solutions for using every free inch of your wardrobe to hand in something or just put it in there. If you only fold the T-shirts differently, you will reveal more space of a single drawer.

  • Don’t do it alone. If you have a friend  of yours, just sitting on the bed, drinking wine or tea, will be a huge help for you while you are going through the closet cleaning process. She will give you advices and tips, and if she is drinking wine, she will be more honest about that ugly skirt and how it is making our thighs look fluffy and huge.

  •  Your job is to fill three boxes: one for the things that are unwearable; another for the things that you can donate and the third for some money making – sold them. The things that can’t be worn anymore, you should give to a textile recycling center. So, you will go Eco, you will help the people in need and you will win more money for that Spring/Summer shopping list.  Have fun!

 Image: Fotolia

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