Magnificent Purple and Blue Makeup Look

Magnificent Purple and Blue Makeup Look



When choosing colours to apply on your blue eyes, it’s best to complement them to your eye colour. However, sometimes it can be daunting to pick which colour would suit you best. Blue eyes, in particular, may be hard to pair up with colours. Luckily for blue eyed women, it’s really nice to play up the colour of your eye with purple and blue to create a magnificent makeup look. Choose this look when you want to add dimension and depth to your eyes. The coolness of the blue provides a beautiful contrast against the warmth of your eyes.


Step 1: Prep the eyelid with a primer to ensure more vibrant and longer-lasting colour. Apply a shimmery light pink eyeshadow onto the eyelid from the lash line all the way to past the crease.


Step 2: Grab your small makeup brush and apply purple shadow slightly above the crease line.


Step 3: Soften the line by smudging the shadow on top with a small brush.


Step 4: Add dimension and depth to your eyes by making the purple colour more intense.


Step 5: Using a blending brush, soften any harsh edges.


Step 6: Add a dab of the light pink shadow on the centre of the eyelid with a damp brush for an extra pop of colour.


Step 7: Apply some of that light pink shadow to the brow bone as well.


Step 8: Using a dense eyeshadow brush, apply the blue colour to your waterline. Refine the colour with matching blue pencil.


Step 9: Use the blending brush to smudge the line across the lash line.


Step 10: Brush a frosty purple shadow to the outer corner of the lid to highlight.


Step 11: Curl your lashes and coat with black mascara to make this makeup look even more magnificent!

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