Line Your Eyes According To Their Shape

Line Your Eyes According To Their Shape

When you apply makeup on your face, you always have to choose the proper design according to your facial features. Some designs will look good on your friend, but they won’t have the same results on you, because you are different. Let’s talk today about shapes of eyes and eyeliners. Let’s learn how to match the proper designs with the proper eye types, it is important for a good look.

The almond eyes are the best ones, because they will look good with any type of eyeliner. But the best way to flatter almond eyes is to make a gradient liner. I call a gradient liner the one that starts with a thin line and thickens when it comes to the outer corner of eye. You can draw a flick at the end or just leave it this way. Don’t be afraid, the almond eyes can handle almost everything.

A shape of eye that I hate the most is the hooded eyes (it is only because I have hooded eyes). The excess skin of the lids covers the whole picture and I rarely can put beautiful makeup on my eyes. But the eyeliner is not so bad. The trick is to put it right to the base of the lashes. A thick, long flick of the cat-eye liner will elongate the eyes and make them look sassy. So, go for it!

Closed eyes. The trick here is to manage to make the eyes look more open and lifted. This can be done if you highlight the inner corner of the eye and if you trace only the outer half of the top lash line. It is important to leave the bottom lid and lash line nude. An upward flick will lift up the eye too.

The round eyes should be elongated with the eyeliner. So, a long, extended cat-eye flick will be great.

The almond eyes and the round eyes allow to apply dark colored liner or pencil to the bottom waterline. The smaller shapes of eyes need bright color to the bottom waterline in order to look bigger. Here is how to apply properly color to the bottom waterline:

Dry out the area with a cotton swab. This will prepare the waterline to hold the color. Then trace the line and clean the buildups with clean cotton swab. That’s it, take a look at the picture to see how it’s done:


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