Interesting World Festivals to Visit in May
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Interesting World Festivals to Visit in May

There are a lot of interesting world festivals throughout the year. The time they are held is based either on some historical tradition in the country, or it is based on the weather. This way, for example, a certain rose festival is usually held in spring when roses bloom, or a sunflower festival could be held in the summer when sunflowers bloom.

There are some very interesting festivals a person could attend in May as well. Most of them will definitely be a spring type of such having to do a lot with the warm spring weather.

Today we are going to tell you a bit about them. After all, who knows, this may really inspire you to visit them. So, check out the world festivals in May you should consider attending.

#1 Horse Fair, Spain

We mentioned that most of the festivals are based on historical events and others are based on the good weather and the nature. But there is also another reason for the organization of festivals and this is religion. The first of the festivals in our list is precisely such one. It is Horse Fair and it is held in Spain.

The date of it varies because it it connected to the date when Easter is celebrated in the given year. And it is always 3 weeks after Semana Santa, or in other words – 2 weeks after Easter.

The Horse Fair festival is always held in the city Jerez. It is an annual festival and it lasts for a week. If you decide to attend it, you will get the chance to see horse competitions and a horse parade. There will also be bullfights, which as you know are traditional for Spain. You will also have the chance to witness some flamenco dancing and even traditional Spanish costumes. Basically, this is a festival that will show you as much as possible from the Spanish culture in just one week. It is definitely worth visiting.

#2 Rose Festival, Morocco

There is just no way to make a list of world festivals held in May and not to include a Rose Festival. As we mentioned, roses bloom in May usually and that is why such festivals are held in this month of the year. The festival is usually in mid-May but the dates vary but this time they depend on the harvest time in the country.

Morocco is a country that has rich culture and it is very popular among tourists. People from all over the world go there to plunge into this interesting and unusual world. If you have been also wanting to see the country, then you definitely need to do it during the Rose Festival. There would be women wearing necklaces of pink roses. There would be such flowers everywhere.

#3 Candles Race, Italy

The Candles Race in Italy is a very old festival which dates back to the 12th century. It is held in the Italian city Gubbio and it is in memory of the patron of the city St. Ubaldo. As you probably know a lot of religious festivals and celebrations include candles because light is a symbol of something positive, like prosperity and wellbeing.

The main part of the festival is the race with candles through the city streets. There are three teams of people contesting in the race and each of them is carrying a 4 m candle, in fact it is more like a wooden pillar, with three saints – Ubaldo, George and Anthony. The race is a bit difficult because the streets are narrow and there are a lot of slopes. Of course, as you can probably guess, the saint that always wins in Ubaldo. After all it is his festival.

#4 Tennessee Renaissance Festival

If you have always wanted to participate in some medieval jousting tournament, then the annual Tennessee Renaissance Festival is the one for you. It is held every year in May and it runs every weekend of the month.

If you decide to attend it you have the opportunity to plunge into the Renaissance culture through a lot of exhibitions, shows, music, and of course jousting. Each of the weekends has a special theme. You can learn it beforehand and wear a special costume for the event. It will be definitely a memorable experience

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