Interesting and Fun Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving
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Interesting and Fun Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is coming soon and more and more people are getting ready for it. And what do people do at this time of the year? The most common thing is that they overeat with turkey and lie around the house doing nothing.

If you are one of these people who do not want to spend the holiday in such a way, but rather in a more active and fun way, then today’s list is just for you. We have prepared for you a list of interesting and fun things one could celebrate Thanksgiving. Check them out!

#1 Cooking competition

One of the things that some families do on Thanksgiving is having a delicious meal but families do not often cook together. Only the mother or the grandmother of the family do the dinner while the rest of the family is simply waiting for it. This year you could change this.

You could give each of the family members a task – to cook a dish for the holiday supper. You could even make your own contest and decide who did the best dish. You could also give this person a prize. This way you could make the holiday cooking more fun and much more interactive.

#2 Play board games

After dinner, no matter if it is a holiday one, or an ordinary such, people turn to their laptops, telephones, or some other piece of technology they are addicted to. One of the ways to make people leave technologies alone for some time is to have a board game night.

I am sure you have some board games at home, like Monopoly, which you could play, but if you do not have that many options, you could create your own such.

You could play charades, or you could search in the internet for some kind of game you could play with your family. This way you will have a lot of fun and you will enjoy each one’s company.

#3 Have a Remembrance Thanksgiving

The next thing you could do on the holiday is going back in time and use the occasion to remember about things that happened to you and your family in the past. You could take out some old photos and have a look at them together with your family.

You can laugh, you can cry, and you could become even close because of all of these emotions. It is good to remember the past every now and then, this way we will be readier for the future.

#4 Go on a hike

What better way to celebrate the holiday than being close to nature and your family at the same time? So, why do not you plan a hiking trip for you and your family for the holiday?

You could choose some place in the countryside close to your home so you will not have to travel far. At the same time you will be able to breathe some fresh and clean air and the hike will give you an appetite before the supper.

#5 Have a theme party

The next thing you could do on Thanksgiving is to have a theme party with you family and friends. You could have a costume party and to dress up in the typical for that time pilgrim outfits or in some Native American outfits.

But, of course, dressing up in some cool outfits is not the only theme there could be. You could have special dinner theme, or you could have a day without internet (brave but still achievable), or you could have special music holiday, or something that is connected to you and your family. You can make this holiday a great one.

#6 Volunteer

The next thing in the list may not sound as the most fun to be, but it is surely the most rewarding. One of the best ways people can celebrate Thanksgiving is to make some poor, sick, or homeless people happy.

You can make some food and give it to people in need. You and your family could do some DIY souvenirs and sell them. The money you could give to some charity or to some people in need.

There are really a lot of ways people can help the ones who were not as lucky as them and holidays, such as Thanksgiving remind us to be grateful and giving.

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